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Editor's Note: T. Stokes is a writer from the British Isles and writes with a specific and in this case conspiracy minded point of view.

Alexander Litvineko, the
Russian Mafia and Nimrod

by T Stokes

Posted: 12:00 June 23, 2007

Alexander Litvineko, the Russian Mafia and NimrodThe Russian Colonel, who defected to Britain bringing valuable information on Soviet intentions in the world arena, died months ago after being poisoned by radiation contamination.

The same assassination formula was used even down to poisoning the food in a fish restaurant on others who offend the Soviets such as author John Costello.

But at 4 Dzerzhinsky Square Moscow, in the poisons section, is a list of all listed poisons and antidotes.

There is a connection here between this event and the discovery of a British rubbish dump, of secret Nimrod servicing papers and timetables recently, inasmuch as the huge Russian communities encouraged in by the British led Blair administration, contain many ex K.G.B men and new F.S.B spies, who tout around the British and U.S air bases and secret defence communities for any information and paperwork.

A Russian mafia man told me he bought a missile workshop manual for 50 outside R.A.F Marham recently. They also use their people inside the country to find defectors who came here during the Cold War under the Witness Protection Programme, for reprisal action, as in the Litvinenko case, exactly as foretold by defectors Arkady Shevchenko and Oleg Gordievsky.

Huge numbers of foreign nationals were brought in under the Tony Blair administration, as the thinking was that the more people crammed into this tiny country the more people there are to tax, and the more it will drive down wages in the competition for jobs, and many wages have been driven down below the governments own poverty guidelines.

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