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Searching for the Truth
(Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)
by Dennis G. Balthaser

Roswell Incident; Once a non-believer,
facts don't matter

The Mogul 4 balloon, which the non-believers, critics and debunkers claim was the debris found on the ranch, seems to be the only unaccounted for Mogul balloon launch that fits the time frame. However, according to a diary kept by one of the Mogul scientists, Flight 4 was cancelled due to cloud cover, which is also supported by weather records of that time. Flight 9 on July 3rd was also cancelled. Neither Flight 4 nor 9 are listed in the Mogul records kept for each launch. Once filled with helium and the flights cancelled, the balloons were simply released, because they couldn't be reused and any reusable equipment (radiosondes, radar reflectors), used for tracking would have been removed before releasing the balloons. Consequently if there was no tracking equipment, the balloon release would be of no value and there would not have been any tracking done.

Charles Moore, Mogul Engineer, claimed Flight 4 was tracked (based on nothing more than his memory), but has never produced any substantial documentation to support it. As a matter of note, none of the equipment that would have been attached to a Mogul balloon was ever reported as being found at the debris field either. David Rudiak and others have re-calculated the trajectory of Flight 4, and Rudiak has indicated that Moore's calculations for the trajectory would have missed the Foster ranch by 70 miles, while others indicate 17 miles away from the ranch, either one being a long distance from the debris site.

Besides Mogul balloons with occasional radar targets, weather balloons with radar targets were also launched from a weather station at Orogrande, south of Alamogordo, prior to the launching of V-2 rockets from White Sands. But neither a single balloon with a radar target nor a much larger Mogul balloon train with tracking and other equipment would satisfy the size of the debris field, described as being several hundred yards wide by of a mile long.

Over the years much has been said about the "flower tape" supposedly holding parts of the Mogul radar target equipment together, but none has ever been seen in the photos taken in General Ramey's office by James Bond Johnson, strongly indicating the debris in General Ramey's office wasn't even part of a Mogul balloon assembly.

That brings me to photographer James Bond Johnson, and the controversy over the photographs taken in General Ramey's office, when Major Marcel delivered some of the debris to the General's office from Roswell, and the fact that Johnson embellished his involvement in various interviews he did.

I have made a few observations about the photographs myself, that I want to share with you. The brown wrapping paper on the floor in several of the photographs with the debris on top of it appears to me to have been removed from a new roll of brown wrapping paper. It's surface is flat, indicating that paper was never a part of a wrapped up package brought to the General's office by Major Marcel, as it would have had creases or been crumpled, from being wrapped around the debris material. Secondly, and again in several photographs, unopened packages are plainly visible, possibly being some of the debris Marcel brought, and not yet opened. If Major Marcel went into the map room with the General when he arrived in Ft Worth before the packages were opened as I understand it, did Johnson take it upon himself to open some of the packages, since he said he rearranged the pile of debris for the photo shoot as stated below in one of my questions to him.

Some of the questions I asked Johnson in my interview with him in 2001 were as follows. The complete interview is at

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