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regan leeRegan Lee is author of the UFO blog The OrangeOrb, and has a monthly column in UFO Magazine by the same name. She is also a contributer to the Binnall of America website, writing her 'Trickster's Realm' column. Drawing on her life long relationship with UFOs and the paranormal, Regan writes about UFOs and Forteana in Oregon , her home for many decades, and is also a UFO witness and experiencer herself. Regan is also an aritst, and author of Two Oregon Tales: UFOs and Bigfoot, soon to be available as an e-book. Email Regan Lee.

The Fortean Pinball Machine
by Regan Lee

Posted: 00:35 June 4, 2007

Sometimes I feel studying the UFO phenomena is like being stuck inside a giant pinball machine.

Thereís so much there; so many connections. Too many lights going on and off that both attract and distract. Bouncing against one thing before bouncing into another. Are these jarring movements connected or random? Is there a plan behind the seeming chaos?

Iím not being snide or sarcastic when I say sometimes I envy those who have one basic UFO theory and stick to it. Keeps things focused. They have solid clues to the whole thing. I canít do that; stick to one theory. And Iíve experienced some of it:seen several UFOs, experienced missing time, beings (invisible in the ďrealĒ world, seen during meditations), and much more. Still, I donít know a damn thing. I donít even have any theories. Some days I do. Other days; hell, I give up. Almost.

Maybe Iím not being fair to myself. Breaking things down a bit in order to see things somewhat more clearly, I find:

Weird things have always been happening to humanity. Always. We just donít openly talk about it.

Many times, ďitĒ seems to have a sense of humor. A perverse, at times dangerous, sense of humor, but itís a playful bastard all right. It poses as this, it poses as that. It tells us itís one thing, it tells others another thing.

Itís elusive. Science still hasnít gotten a handle on it. Which then proves to the dense, the pathological skeptical, the censors and would be cleansers of pop culture, that such things donít exist.

Others are left with their experiences. Confused, or distracted, or happy to find something to hang it on: religion, maybe. Or cults. Or immersion into the phenomena, much to the annoyance of others.

The world of the weird is decompartmentalized for us; UFOs here, ghosts there, apparitions of Mary over there, Bigfoot in that corner. Are they connected? Doesn't matter, in some respects. The religious person may take great offense at the idea of Marian apparitions being a paranormal phenomeana. Some Christians ďbelieveĒ UFOs and aliens exist, but thatís a bad thing. Itís Satan. Others donít have patience for any of this, and keep it simple: UFOs are from outer space, and ET is their pilot. Nothing religious or paranormal about that.

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