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Thoughts of a Wicca High Priestess
by Ron Murdock

02:27 June 24, 2007

Thoughts of a Wicca High Priestess
Ceremonial Stone Circle
"Magic is not white or black. It is the person who uses magic that makes the difference." - Bronwyn Frost.

Bronwyn Frost is a high priestess along with being a licensed minister of the Wicca Faith and also does a great deal of counselling. She uses mainly candles and meditation as her main means of celebraton of her guides and deities.

Frost works in a coven, though she hasn't been entirely comfortable working in one as gossip or a power hungry participants can have a negative effect on group dynamics. Plus things can go awry if one desn't understand Wicca for themselves prior to working within a group or they may be persuaded to do things that go against their wishes or intuiition.

Bronwyn realizes there is a chance that a solitary practioner can suffer from burn out. She continued to say that it's easy to get off track and not realize how far off the trail they have gotten. But Frost will help gude others a much as they can.

The role that Bronwyn takes at a celebration is to step back as she wants to see the students shine and develop confidence as they work with the dieites. Frost, among others in her group, feels strongly that there shouldn't be the same one or two people leading a coven but that each ceremony should be lead by a different couple on a rotation basis. Bronwyn feels the role of a high priestess is to help organize the ceremony, provide correspondences and select the right kind of music for the ceremony.

Wicca is a deeply inherent spiritually in Bronwyn's life, helping guide her through her life decisions. Though she never doubted that Wicca was her path, Bronwyn did take some time off from it after coming of age. This was to learn where she stood within the faith versus her parent role, Gavin and Yvonne Frost. Along with her parents, an influential person in Bronwyn's growth in Wicca was a family friend, Sybil Leek. Leek taught Bronwyn to face the world with a smile and greatly reinforced the notion of reincarnation for Frost. It helped Bronwyn to understand dying gracefully and with gratitude.

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