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'Witness to Roswell'
A Review of Tom Carey & Don Schmitt's New Book

by David Rudiak
(Copyright 2007, David Rudiak - All Rights Reserved)

Haut also states he went out to at least one of the sites and brought back some debris of his own. He was aware of two teams that went out for months afterwards to try to uncover any physical evidence that might have been left behind. Although he doesn't say it, Haut is here providing some corroboration for various tales of debris confiscation afterwards, such as told by Bill Brazel Jr.

Haut's affidavit plus other testimony below revives the crash site 40 miles of north of Roswell where the main craft and bodies were found. Haut also presents a new timeline of the discovery of the site on July 7, which means recovery began at this site at the same time Marcel and Cavitt were out at the Brazel debris field investigating it.

Another prize eyewitness is Sgt. Frederick Benthal. He was F.B. in "Crash at Corona", but here he is identified publicly for the first time. Benthal was the Army photographer flown in from Washington, taken out to the body site, and who photographed the alien bodies in a tent, with everybody else cleared out. Corroborating this was a first/second-hand account from an MP at the site, PFC Ed Sain. He stated he was taken out to the site in one of the ambulances and ordered to shoot anybody who tried to enter a particular tent. His son said his father didn't like to talk about it, but had told him he had guarded the bodies in the tent until they were transported to the base.

Sain indicated that another MP, Cpl. Raymond Van Why, had gone out with him to the site. Van Why's widow, Leola, said her husband first talked about it in 1954 when he got out of the service. He told her that he had been a guard at a crash site and had seen the round spacecraft.

Sgt. Homer Rowlette was with the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron. His son Larry and daughter Carlene Green said he told them about it on his deathbed in March 1988. He was part of the cleanup detail sent to the impact site north of Roswell.

He handled the infamous "memory foil" described by many others. He described the ship as "somewhat circular" and said he had seen "three little people" with large heads. At least one was alive (just one of the "live alien" stories).

This brings us back to Roswell base, S. Sgt. Earl Fulford saw his close friend, S. Sgt. George Houck, drive off at 5:00 a.m. July 8 in a low-boy truck, which he presumed was to pick up some wreckage, one of his standard duties. Fulford was an aircraft mechanic who often worked at Hangar 84. During the day civilian mechanics from town kept questioning him about the rumored spaceship with little spacemen. At 4:00 p.m. as he left duty, Fulford saw Houck returning towing a lowboy trailer and carrying a tarped object about the size and shape of a VW Beetle. Houck refused to tell him what was under the tarp, saying he had been ordered not to say. When Fulford tried to get him to talk in the present-day, Houck still refused to talk about it.

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