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Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris writes about people, places, and things pertaining to "Alien Civilizations Exist!" She is a believer and supporter of the future and the accepts that other solar systems and ascended beings exist! She believes that we are not alone in this universe and that we are being visited by other beings more sophisticated than ourselves. She would be glad to speak on the subject and why she believes so strongly. You can read her articles and books. Visit her websites: and Email Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.

What Aliens, ETs, UFOs and Crop Circles have to do with us prior to 2012?
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Posted: 15:00 June 18, 2008

Aliens, extra terrestrials, UFOs, crop circles and us; one might ask what all of these words have in common? The inclusion of these words in one title and one sentence is for a reason. We are learning about our own DNA and how we came to be here on earth. We are considered sentient intelligent beings and are considered the ascension humanoid kind. Therefore, we as sentient intelligent beings of the ascension humanoid kind have much in common with others who are of the sentient intelligent beings species not of this world or galaxy. Aliens are a word we used to describe those not of this planet's origin. The ETs are those who are extra-terrestrial beings not of earth origin. UFOs are what we call the alien ET spacecraft. Crop circles are the signs that were left prior to the hoaxes.

Many of us believe in aliens, ETs, ascension intelligent beings, and those they are the creators of the real original crop circles. We also believe that the aliens or ETs are ascension intelligent beings and that they are our creators. In other words, they are us. Some times the truth repeats itself, as do we. The truth will set us free and there are many who are calling for those who know the truth about aliens and their UFOs to share the truth with everyone on earth. It is time to share with all beings the truth about the UFOs.

There are many of us on earth who relate to those not of this earth. More than the powers that be want to admit to the general global population. There are more of us coming out and finding our voice. There are those who desire to know why we as one species one earth have been kept out of the loop on the knowledge of the aliens and the UFOs that we know exist. We want to know of all the alien civilizations that have come to earth in our past and are our alien ancestors. We have been told some truth in our history but not all. There are some who still believe in the truth of books that are considered history books and historical documents that have been left behind in caves by others who have lived on earth prior. There are some who have learned parts of the truth and have begun to mix the truth with lies created by prior nations and government world leaders. There are some who have been lead astray by those who thought they were sharing their knowledge of the truth. This is still the way it is on earth. There are some who know only what their minds can allow them to believe as the truth because that is what they were taught to believe by others.

We are they who desire to know as much as we can about our human existence on earth. We desire to know who we are, what we are here to accomplish, when we are leaving, where we are going when we leave earth, and why we exist. Many of us who desire to believe in our own soul's spiritual ascension already know that there is documentation of other beings that have come before and left us information on how to obtain ascension. This was documented in the past on earth. Some may find truth in part of the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran along with other scriptures not in these sacred textbooks. There are many scriptures that were published as it is said in our past that was not allowed into these books, which are treated as holy and sacred scriptures of the world's largest religions. For many beings, science has become a religion. The majority of beings on earth believe in one God and not many gods. One might say that the original beginning was God. Some say in the beginning was the big bang. The truth is these are simply words. Atheists and agnostics are the minority.

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