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To Those Who Do Not Understand

by Kris Avery 

(Copyright 2008, Kris Avery - all Rights Reserved)

Posted: 15:00 June 28, 2008

This is a response to Vince Whites article::


Some months ago, Vince and I exchanged 2 emails. Vince refers to these in his open letter. He mentions "Great sport", and "all great fun," as though this was my response to the email that he sent me. I find this highly strange, since his initial email when contacting me contained the following…

"Kris, Yes, one may create CGI of real aircraft. Proves nothing.

You would make better use of your time to use a pair of high definition video cameras, to powerfully validate real UFO activity or even drones. Even you would labor to fake a stereoscopic double stream of time correlated 1080 I images of any complexity.

Do this and make history. Something useful.


Is this Vince's answer to everything?

I mean, a person would be extremely lucky to capture a video of a UFO in any detail as it is, let alone sitting around with two HD video cameras on the off chance that something might turn up!

Does anyone have the spare time in their lives to do this? Has Vince tried this himself?

My response to this bizarre email was the following…

"Excuse me?

Here is an idea, why not use a pair of high definition video cameras to powerfully validate a real UFO activity yourself, instead of wasting your time emailing someone who created a music video for a friend? You clearly know all about it, so I think you are much better equipped. I'm a CG guy… what would I know about it?"

Vince returned an email with a similar rant...

"Sir, Excuse me? Have you no ethical nature? Why did you pick "drones" for your "fun" You are more interested in "fun" than seeking truth and clarity. Now, I appeal to your higher nature, for a just a second, get off your " fun " trip , and ask yourself "Am I helping" to make progress or improve the world a little bit."

Now do you see how many times Vince refers to "FUN" in this email? Did I ever mention the word fun? Did I even mention anything to the effect of having a fun time?
No. This is unfortunately Vince's thought about me, not mine. He continues…

"Are the drones real? If They are, how many could be over populated areas employing "optical stealth"? What is their power source? What is their propulsion modality? What AI is employed in their operation?

Who are what sends them? What is the pattern of their deployment? How many are there?

What is the significance of their "modularity? Are they tapping into power lines and storing the energy? Has anyone plotted and topological-chronological-typology spreadsheet of all activity, Do they use a modified Biefeld Brown effect?

Are there electromagnetic interference correlations?

Why are they mutamorphic? Have they been seen in Asia or South America, Why are national security and intelligence assets pursuing this matter ? What does a name data base link chart reveal of the individuals involved? Who and why are the parties researching this matter? Where were the components photographed?

Was CGI used to CGI "lint and dust", seen in the images?

Are you too fun seeking and not enough truth seeking?

A Truth seeker, there aren't enough of us to do the jobs needing done. You just muddy the waters-- without shame."

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