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Rodney Kawecki, born in Los Angeles California studied advance modern physics for ten years researching his idea about space. His idea was that faster then light space travel was possible simply based on weightlessness. It became a life long adventure to discover the equations needed to prove this new idea. That day came in 2007 in his first book on faster then light speed space technology in 2007 where everything about faster then light space travel is exhibited. For the purpose of technology and his thoughts that space is the be yonder foundation of earths future. Contact Mr. Kawecki by email at

Area 51 and Time Machine Aliens
by Rodney Kawecki
Edited by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 13:40 June 18, 2008

BAKER - the Space Monkey

There is a conspiracy of secrecy among men today that is hidden from the public. It hides in the hierarchy of the republican (commercially rich) group from which government patents that have been unresolved by the patentee are being stolen. There exists some that would rather research this long unresolved issue of the patentee and under cover continue the trademark's idea. Hidden by hierarchy and wealth these men (under republican guard) remarkably continue to research what today is called "THE TIME MACHINE." It was generally believed by scientists that because space flight is more seaworthy of the trade, that a laboratory time machine, would not advance quickly enough through the development stages to be viable in the twentieth century. But, other men of power believed otherwise.

In the peak of the 20th century physicists working on this advancement of time-travel were able to create the first working time machine in a laboratory. The advancement of time space flight technology lingered slowly behind this independent commercial group but problems of interstellar manufacturing in space slowed productivity during these times where investments in building maintenance manufacturing were quite feasible.

Acknowledgement of the manufacturing of "THE TIME MACHINE" was top secret. Aside from privacy and patent laws - waiting out a patent took twenty years - gave ample time for research. Upon completion the republican group developed the first time machine having the ability to travel through time an ion (An atom or a group of atoms that has acquired a net electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electrons) both to the past and to the future. Its achievements went on unnoticed to the public but prevailed as a commercial group research project that became born to secrecy under government privacy and protection laws. They were able to continue their work and research with no problems, but laboratory confinement of the project perimeter boundaries gave little area to research and experimentation. They could advance objectal and personnel journey leaps between laboratories and or sending information from one place to another. But the problem of sending personal imagery was their primary objective in the research.

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