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The Allies of Humanity Briefings and the Ethics of Contact
by Marshall Vian Summers

Posted: 16:00 June 19, 2008

Marshall Vian Summers
Marshall Vian Summers
Humanity now stands at the threshold of space. Craft of unknown origin have been sighted flying unimpeded in our skies with ever greater frequency since the end of World War II. Contact has begun, but it is Contact that is happening behind the scenes. Governments are keeping their secrets while the public remains unaware and unprepared.

Now for the first time, we have been sent a preparation and a revelation about the reality and spirituality of the Greater Community of intelligent life in the Universe. This preparation addresses the unprecedented challenges facing humanity and the great opportunity for human unity and cooperation that meeting such challenges will require.

The preparation comes from two distinct sources: the first in the form of two sets of Briefings from a network of free nations in our local Universe who call themselves the Allies of Humanity. The Allies are not visiting our world, but have sent observers in secret to observe the extraterrestrial Intervention that is occurring in our world. The two sets of Briefings present the Allies' report to humanity.

The second origin of this preparation is a vast series of prophetic communications, a New Message for Humanity, provided by the Creator of all life. Contained within this New Message is the knowledge and wisdom that humanity will need to avoid environmental disaster and the growing risk of human conflict, to establish human unity and to prepare for the complexity of living within the Greater Community. Both of these sources, the Allies of Humanity and the New Message, reveal the real nature of the extraterrestrial presence in the world today and what humanity must know and do to prepare for what surely is the greatest event in human history.

The Allies of Humanity Briefings and the Ethics of Contact
The Allies Briefings show how the Intervention is taking place in our world and how it is seeking to achieve its goals here. Acting in a clandestine and surreptitious manner, the Intervention is engaged in a coordinated set of activities to influence human perception and to take advantage of human ignorance, conflict and superstition to gain dominance in our world without the use of force.

The Allies Briefings encourage us at every turn to take an active role in discerning and opposing this extraterrestrial Intervention. The Briefings emphasize that humanity does not yet possess the resident wisdom, unity or discernment to safely engage in meaningful Contact and that those races who could be beneficial to us in the future do not seek engagement here for this reason.

The Briefings emphasize that, almost without exception, the first races to visit the shores of emerging worlds such as our own represent resource explores and economic collectives—opportunistic groups that seek to gain access to the resources of emerging worlds, groups that are not held in high esteem amongst advanced nations in our region of space.

This Intervention it taking place at a time of growing human conflict, resource depletion and environmental change in the world. The Briefings reveal why this is taking place at this time and why humanity is in such a vulnerable position. The Intervention will present itself as powerful and enlightened organizations who are capable of saving the human family. Yet it is all a deception to an unknowing and unsuspecting humanity.

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For more informtion or to purchase The Allies of Humanity: An Urgent Message About the Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today simply click on the title.

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