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What Really Happened At Fatima?
by Joaquim Fernandes, PhD

Posted: 12:25 June 9, 2008

What Really Happened At Fatima?
What really appeared to these three children: Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta?

What Really Happened At Fatima?
Just who was the brilliant entity that appeared to three young children at Fátima in 1917? Was she the Virgin Mary, as the Catholic Church would have us believe, sharing divine secrets with believers? Was she an angel, bringing a message of peace to a world at war? Or was she an alien being, inspiring humanity to look up and contemplate the mystery of the Cosmos? Believers and skeptics have long pondered the identity of Our Lady of Fátima.

Now, in a newly published book entitled Fátima Revisited: The Apparition Phenomenon in Ufology, Psychology and Science (Anomalist Books, 2008), an international panel of leading scholars subjects the legendary apparitions to the scrutiny of modern scienti?c analysis; explores the connections between contact with apparitions, angels, and aliens; and proposes a new paradigm for such unexplained phenomena.

This is the third volume of the acclaimed Fátima Trilogy, which includes the de?nitive histories of the Fátima case entitled Heavenly Lights (Anomalist Books, 2007) and Celestial Secrets (Anomalist Books, 2007), the English translations of previous works by two of the world's most prominent Fátima scholars, Dr. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D' Armada. The Fátima Trilogy grew from an exchange of emails between these Portuguese researchers and an American journalist into a multidisciplinary collaboration involving 35 individuals from 10 countries.

ANDREW D. BASIAGO, who led efforts in the U.S. to bring the trilogy into English, observed: "In The Fátima Trilogy, the Fátima Incident of 1917 is forever rede?ned, from the most famous religious event of the 20th century to its ?rst major close encounter case."

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