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Flying Saucers Are Real
by Stanton T. Friedman 

Posted: 16:20 June 28, 2008

After 50 years of study and investigation I have concluded that:

Some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft.
The subject of flying saucers represents a “Cosmic Watergate” (government cover-up of the best data obtained by intelligence agencies).
Visits to planet Earth and this cover-up represent the biggest story of the millennium.
The next step in humanity’s thinking is to go beyond the “Earth bound” mentality. We are part of a bigger picture and members of a populated universe.

Unfortunately, as a scientist who has lectured on the topic 'Flying Saucers ARE Real!” at over 600 colleges and over 100 professional groups in 50 states and 18 countries, and appeared on hundreds of radio and TV programs, I have found that anti-UFO arguments so often made in the name of science are based on ignorance of the facts, arrogance about the critics' 'superior” knowledge, and a strong denial of the evidence. Instead of an admission of ignorance, we find an attitude of: “If that was true, it would be important. If it were important, I would know about it. I don’t, so it must not be true, and I won’t waste my valuable time.” It is time to correct the false impressions created by science fiction writers, SETI (Silly Effort To Investigate) specialists, and journalists.

The major arguments are that there is no evidence of UFO reality, that one cannot get here from there, that secrets cannot be covered up, and that the great majority of sightings are by unrespectable people. All of these are demonstrably false.

My approach to these claims is based on working on classified research and development programs for 14 years, visits to 20 document archives, the collection and evaluation of a number of large scale scientific studies, and doing my homework on pollsters and reports of observations. I have found that fewer than 2% of the attendees at my programs have read any of the 5 major studies to which I refer in my new book, Flying Saucers and Science.

The history of the denial of UFOs is interesting. Everybody knew that the only way to fly would be with a balloon; that it would be impossible to place anything in orbit around the Earth, and that space travel, in the words of the British Astronomer Royal, was “utter bilge.”

Science fiction writers such as Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke have decried UFO reality, not only because of their ignorance of the facts, but amazingly because of their lack of imagination as to why aliens might visit and why governments would cover up. They cannot even imagine any national security aspects to visits and crashes of very advanced flight systems. One would think there would be no reason to try to duplicate the flight capabilities of flying saucers and that people in power would not be threatened by a worldwide movement towards an Earthling rather than nationalistic orientation and way of thinking (viewing ourselves as Earthlings rather than Americans, Canadians, etc.).

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