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An Exclusive UFO Digest Report

On Current UN UFO Meetings:
How "Cover" Works

By (S)
("Source A")

Clay Pickering
Shawn Pickering
Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2008, (S), Clay & Shawn Pickering, RDM* - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 21:21 June 1, 2008

On Monday, May 19th, 2008, Clay & Shawn Pickering of the New York City Disclosure Project and Robert D. Morningstar, Editor of UFO Digest, met for dinner with "Source A," the Department of Defense military diplomatic liaison officer who originally leaked the story of the UN UFO Disclosure Meeting that occurred on February 12th, 2008.

This dinner meeting provided a brief opportunity to ask some questions regarding the status of the UN UFO Disclosure initiative and to bring us up to date on current events and activities being conducted and developed with this goal in mind by the United Nations working group.

According to our source (referred to as "Source A" or "(S)" below), there have been several meetings recently at the United Nations surrounding the UFO/ET contact/disclosure issue besides the February 12, 2008 meeting. Our source informed us of this fact over dinner on the same day on which the most recent meeting had occurred.

Source A informed us that he has participated in subsequent UN UFO Disclosure planning sessions on four more occasions. We were informed that one of the longest of these meetings took place on Monday, May 19, 2008 from 7:00AM to 5:00PM.

This theme of this particular meeting was centered on the media's ridiculing of the UFO/ET phenomenon and the impediment that this presents as an obstacle to moving disclosure forward.

Our source gave us some of the details surrounding these meetings and answered some of our questions. Here are some of them. The answers come directly from Source A, referred to in text below as "(S)":

-What was the security like for these meetings?

(S) Response: Standard closed door Level One security.

-Was the agenda to broach Contact/Disclosure again?

(S) Response: Yes.

-How many people attended the meeting[s]?

(M* noteà The previous number in attendance was reported to be approximately 30)

(S) Response: same group as before.

-Was any information passed on the meetings?

(S) Response: info to be taken up the diplomatic chain of command.

-Was everyone in civilian dress?

(S) Response: this time, YES.

-Were the diplomats all military or were they all civilian?

(S) Response: all military.

-Was the clergy present?

(S) Response: no.

-How long did the meeting[s] last?

(S) Response: TOO LONG!

-Were there sticking points with the issue[s]?

(S) Response: as always.

-Time of meetings?

(S) Response: Today - 7am until 5pm.
(This was the May 19th media meeting).

-What nation-states were there?

(S) Response: all the usual suspects.

-Was China there?

(S) Response: yes.

-Were the Russians there?

(S) Response: yes.

(Source A) à "Onward…"

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