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An Exclusive UFO Digest Report

On Current UN UFO Meetings:
How "Cover" Works
By (S)
("Source A")

Clay Pickering
Shawn Pickering
Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2008, (S), Clay & Shawn Pickering, RDM* - All Rights Reserved)

In speaking with our source, I asked him to clarify his title and those of other foreign diplomats in respect to what we know as "working groups."
Our source stated his group and the groups of people abroad share a similar function in that they are not diplomats per se as we understand it.

(S) stated that he and the other foreign diplomats are "military diplomatic liaison officers assigned to the Diplomatic Corps" who are tasked under the auspices of such entities, which are analogous to what we know as the State Department.

These men and women are not ambassadors nor are they permanently assigned to titled diplomats such as Bolton, Brenner or Albright. Indeed, these officers are all military officers and are not staffers to the civilian diplomatic corps.

It is important to note with regard to our source that his people liaise between the Pentagon (DOD) and the United Nations by way of the State Department. No one from the military can be received at the United Nations without State Department approval.

The United Nations, to be understood, represents a neutral ground for like minds to talk without being noticed by the press. In turn, foreign liaison officers follow the same diplomatic protocols in order to gain entry into the UN. These meetings are not what most people think as General Assembly or Security Council forums.

How do these liaison officers decide to meet? By way of back-channeling. Source A explained that what most people don't understand is that phone calls are made to their respective counter-parts on a need for a meeting. This meeting would be conveyed as "informal items of interest." This communication would be passed on to other counter-parts and this is how the ball starts rolling. A good example of this is Robert Kennedy's informal back-channeling to a friend of the Soviet Ambassador for a meeting concerning the Cuban Missile Crises. I believe RFK met his "liaison" in a bar?

Keep in mind though that everything has to have a "Budget Line Item."

Nothing gets done without people getting paid to be where they want to be (UN) unless there is an explanation and a reason why. To the point:

(S): "Even people in the 'Black World' have to get paid."

Being paid to be somewhere has the benefit of legitimacy and also offers plausible disclaim if leaks occur. Source A mentions this over and over again, this variable about being paid. What he is saying is to "follow the money" if you want your "PROOF" of the UN UFO meetings.

Now, once the officer has a budget line item to be at the UN and to liaise with other foreign counter-parts for a specific meeting, this is where the back-channeling comes to the forefront; and, no one in the UN is the wiser. Once that door is closed then anything and everything can be talked about. With our source it has been five meetings on the UFO/ET topic.

What is the objective? These military liaisons under diplomatic cover enable an intervention in policy ideas and decisions. This form of communication, if sensitive, allows the State Department Corps to put out feelers on volatile subjects and plausibly deny if it becomes public. This also facilitates for all parties concerned a way to begin a foundation for future policies and a working model for that time when the discourse finally becomes public.

That model is the UFO/ET paradigm.

"Source A"
Clay Pickering
Shawn Pickering,
& Robert D. Morningstar
May 29th, 2008
(Copyright 2008, Clay & Shawn Pickering RDM* - All Rights Reserved)

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