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The Lineage Of Extra Celestials

The Lineage
Of Extra Celestials
by Nancy Burson
Author of "Lineage"

Photographer, inventor of morphing technologies,
including the Human Race Machine

(Copyright 2008, Nancy Burson - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 12:30 June 6, 2008

Narrative of the Lineage Video

Since I've worked with the FBI and taught at Harvard, I used to avoid anyone involved with UFOs or the Beings that inhabit them, because frankly, I was concerned about my credibility.

I think the Universe has an amusing way of providing us plenty of what we want the least, because now I'm a channel or interpreter for the Extra Celestials or ECs -that's how they've renamed themselves-(that's what they've asked us to call them) and I also call them the Rays. They are a consortium of highly sentient, Light Beings who want human contact at this time.

Lineage is my story of faith and trust that these beings are here not only for me, but for all of us.

The ECs or Rays are our celestial lineage of light. From what they have told me, they gave birth to us and have been with us since the beginning of time. As good parents, they are here now to guide their offspring, as the present scenario here on the Earth wasn't quite what they anticipated.

They are here first and foremost to love us. And they're also here to heal us and share their luminosity with us, so we become lighter! They're also hilarious and they love to play the game of life with us! And they are experts! They say, "They are part of the Will behind Divine Will!"

They usually appear as bright specks of light in blue, purple, red or white and they can also appear bigger and more diffuse as well. They are not orbs, which are what most people are catching on their digital cameras these days.

Sometimes they appear as balls of light and sometimes they morph into their other forms and reveal themselves as the wondrous Beings that they are. I told them they look like light mummies, and they said, "We are your Light Mommies"! And these are the photos that they would like us all to become familiar with. They say, "The more we believe what we see, the better off we will be."

My story? The short version is that when I first walked into a crop circle in 2000, I had no idea that four years later, I would meet the beings that I feel, make them. My journey with the ECs unfolded through the summers I spent with my son and friends in Wiltshire, England, where 80% of the worlds crop circles fall annually. The circles are messages from the ECs, and they are here to assist mankind in recreating the consciousness of humanity.

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