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Mary Alice Bennett is an archaeological restoration artist who lives in the Sonoran desert near the border with Mexico. As an art history student, she has had a life-long fascination with Leonardo DaVinci and also with studying the ancient mysteries. Since her church has a long tradition about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Dan Brown book was not new information to her. "The DaVinci Code" aside, here are more clues in the work of Leonardo to ponder. Email Mary Alice Bennett.

Sauniere`s Clues - The Pointing Angels
by Mary Alice Bennett

Posted: 16:05 June 11, 2008

The Pointing Angels
The Pointing Angels
Entrance to the Church at Rennes-le-Chateau © Alan Scott 2005

Ben Hammott
Ben Hammott
Archaeologist Ben Hammott deduced the location of the newly discovered Rennes-le-Chateau artifacts from mysterious clues carefully placed within the opulently bizarre décor of Abbe Beranger Sauniere`s redecorated church. Among the objects he found in the buried wooden chest was a glass vial containing a small parchment originally hidden in the wooden balustrade. It was the writing on this piece of vellum that inspired him to begin digging in the churchyard.

The heavy carved wooden balustrade had been removed during the renovations to the interior of the church. A bell-ringer named Antoine Captier (1833 - 1903) noticed the glint of glass in the crack that exposed its hiding place after the balustrade had been discarded. Antoine gave the vial to the priest and that was the last he saw of it. He would later say that his sharp eye was the reason that Sauniere the priest had become so wealthy. The glass vial now lies with the first century cup, perfume bottle, and 2nd Temple era coins found in the wooden chest which was unearthed using the clues left by the priest in his statuary.

Clearly Beranger Sauniere learned much about Templar trigonomic maps and codes during the translation and interpretation of the Blanchefort parchments on his trip to San Sulpice in Paris. The messages and maps that he left in the buried bottles were written by an adept. The intricate clues Sauniere commissioned in the statuary of his church were what led Hammott to his discoveries and that is why the objects that he found are authentic.

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