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Publisher's Note: Received the following submssion from Carolyn S. (she wishes to keep your last name private).

UFOs Depicted on Ceiling of Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
by Carolyn S.

Posted: 11:35 June 4, 2008

UFOs Depicted on Ceiling of Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
Notice the circular flying disk which the angel appears
to be guiding.

I was at New Orleans on April 6, 2008 and decided to go to the beautiful Saint Louis Cathedral on Chartres.

UFOs Depicted on Ceiling of Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
Enlarged object which is left of the waist of the figure in above photo.
Its one of the oldest North American cathedrals in America built by M. Pauger. It is a beautiful cathedral with paintings on the ceilings. I was reviewing my pictures and was remembering the latest Vatican announcement. The one that the Vatican said its ok to believe in extraterrestrials. The Vatican observatory made the announcement almost the same day the British opened some of their UFO files. I have seen some paintings made over the centuries with circular disks flying in the background. People are looking at these paintings with new eyes and finding objects they never saw before or just ignored.

Moses encounter with God has been said by UFOlogists that the encounter could have been with extraterrestrials. In Exodus, Moses, has repeated encounters with Yahweh (God) and a covenant was made.

The Israelites are given the Tablets of Testimony and have specific instructions to build the ark which will hold them. Many have said that the Ark was a huge energy conductor and the Tablets of Testimony had more information in them besides the Ten Commandments. So that’s why when I saw the angel by Moses on the ceiling. I was wondering if this was the angel that guided Moses in the bible. Exodus 23:20, "See I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared."

This is the angel on the ceiling by Moses at Saint Louis Cathedral.

The Angel is located on the ceiling above Moses. Its smaller and almost hidden in the background, but I had my camera with a zoom lense and it definitely helped. Here is how it looks standing from below looking up.

UFOs Depicted on Ceiling of Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
Object is just left of center.

UFOs Depicted on Ceiling of Saint Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
Enlargement of object.
Look above Moses on the left you will see the angel. Then I noticed the bigger circular objects and looking with new eyes asked myself if these could be representations of flying saucers. Maybe the artists of the past had experiences with UFOs. This could be another example.

There is a interesting line in Exodus from the New International Version Bible and its on social responsibility. Exodus 22:21 states "Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt."

When one looks with different eyes they see things differently, what do you see?

Please note that all photographs are copyright and owned by Carolyn S.

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