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Rodney Kawecki, born in Los Angeles California studied advance modern physics for ten years researching his idea about space. His idea was that faster then light space travel was possible simply based on weightlessness. It became a life long adventure to discover the equations needed to prove this new idea. That day came in 2007 in his first book on faster then light speed space technology in 2007 where everything about faster then light space travel is exhibited. For the purpose of technology and his thoughts that space is the be yonder foundation of earths future. Contact Mr. Kawecki by email at

Universe Space-Time Trek
by Rodney Kawecki

Posted: 13:20 June 11, 2008

Twentieth century technology has written its own doom with regards to normal technology. The standard theory of the Universe breaks down at obvious ends and new technology is necessary. Twenty-third physicists discovers to fix this dilemma all he has to do is divert the loose ends into a standard model making the puzzle of the universe solid. He doses this by developing a new theory on gravitation. The old one created by Albert Einstein diminishes capacity at light speed. It will never work with time travel.

The main time stream indicates that time is interchangeable under the grandfather paradox theory. A new theory needs to be developed. And its time. The loose ends have to be knitted into a unique sweater. Gravity according to relativity is a fabric a flexible fabric and its depths have to be measured. This new idea is called warp drive. Gravity is dark matter a non-gaseous element that fills the depths of distance between planetary bodies throughout otherwise empty space. The flexibility of gravity or dark matter fabric is what details a planets gravitational pull inwardly to a center of mass. But what keeps everything from falling all together? What sets these planetary bodies a part from one another? Einstein called this the 'cosmological constant': meaning that there exists a reverse activity - this activity stemming from an electric universe. His theory failed. So what keeps the planets from clashing together? Aside from the dominating weight of the object - there exist what's called an expansion. The expansion is the Universe growing outwardly in all directions and at the same rate as the momentum of the planets. This activity sets the Universe in motion. Thus everything works and all together as a single entity. Warp space by itself could explain the separation between the planetary bodies but was never analysis. Each planetary object sustaining its own independent measure and weight - warps its individual area around it thus creating an impression in the dark fabric. It is this impression that keeps the planets separated not a steady state universe.

With the Universe set in motion by this new twenty-third century physicist idea the stage has been set. Other loose ends in the standard model like the Universes origin have been reviewed and render a separate element in which all material matter was created separately but in this sea of dark flexible fabric. The birth of the Universe is unlike that which dark matter preformed from. Dark matter or the fabric of space itself is a never - ending and eternal entity that has no past present or futuristic characteristics in it. Dark matter is the substance that separates distance and sight between any two points of origin. Because it is dark matter itself that is everlasting - matter or that that makes up the entity of the Universe is finite.

It retains a past, present and future. It recedes within the residence of the fabric of space as its shadow. According to Edwin Hubble physicist the Universe is expanding in all directions like a balloon. But like a balloon it has to retain some sort of pressure activity to do this. And it is the content to how infinite this pressure that expands the Universe is that will explain the secrets we need to define this Universe. This pressure of expansion activity is activity directed from a specific source. This source is dark matter. The flexibility of this dark matter substance that gave birth to this entity we call a Universe. And what will happen when the expansion pressure ceases? Will it cease? When will it cease? Will this event be the end?

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