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Jannice Fadely Jannice Fadely was born and raised on a ranch in Holland, Oregon. She prefers to live in the country even though right now lives in town due to ongoing medical issues. Having been always curious about everything she has spent her life studying everything from the Qabalah to quantum physics. She has an AA in accounting, two years of electronic technology, Emergency Medical Technician intermediate, hospice, mountaineering and self taught in sciences as well as investigative methodology for the paranormal. She remembers seeing and hearing things that no one else saw or heard and instead of being afraid she always asked why. You can email Jannice at

by Jannice Fadely
(Copyright 2008, Jannice Fadely - All Rights Reserved)

01:00 June 15, 2008

We are in a war with an alien race for the survival of the human race as we know it and humans do not even know it. If they win there is no more us! They have rendered us helpless without a fight. It is that simple. If humanity wishes to survive it has to start seeing things as they really are.

The best defence against them is to first admit they exist. One of their greatest advantages over humans is humans refusing to believe the Enemy even exists. No one is going to go after an illusion. As long as no one knows they are real they can do whatever they want to do with humans.

The hostile beings that are the source of all the evil have been given the name Chits and their followers are named Chitlings. It seemed the most appropriate names since the Chits mess with people's heads and Chitlings stink to high heaven.

As secretive as the Chits are there is a lot known about them. They are liars and deceivers. They mislead humans with every means available to them. They are very secretive because they are not as powerful as they pretend to be. Most of what they do is a bunch of tricks. They like to appear as big and badass. They are bullies in every sense of the word. They are definitely cowards.

They fight through fear, dreams, people and anything else they can utilize such as governments, religions and education. They are masters of mind control. The main idea is to let someone or something else to do the real fighting for them. They direct from the sidelines and out of harms way. By always maintaining the illusion they do not exist they don't have to worry about anyone trying to attack them openly. They do not attack directly unless their victim is completely defenseless and under their control.

Their king is a small, ugly, fat, brown, man- like creature. He likes to wear extremely ornate clothes, preferably with a lot of gold trim.

The Royal Bitch is brick red with a round face like an ant with a wide mouth full of sharp teeth. Her eyes are pitch black. She has no hair. She has a longish neck. Her body is a cross between a human body and an insect's body. She does not wear any clothes. She looks as cold and ruthless as she is.

The Chits live in communities ruled by princes. The princes are under the King, and The Royal Bitch, the Queen of them all. The queen is most likely the mother of them all. It is an entire society that humans are up against.

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