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David Brager is a legal expert in computers, real estate, hypnosis, research, and communications, with a Humanities BA with emphasis in Communications and English from Washington State University Tri-Cities. He has spent the past quarter century developing the tools to make hypnosis into a marketable, safe, and contractual public domain communications field for eyes-closed subconscious entertainment. His website,, freely disseminates his works, and his book, The Future’s Toolkit, can be bought in print, but is also available for free online reading. His website,, has his manifesto, with full criminal history disclosures within, for he feels that honesty is manditory. He's even the last story in the first Darwin Awards book, Evolution in Action, on page 308. As a comedian and humorist, David Brager is a different sort of innovator for a world that doesn't need leaders as much as it needs freedom.

Handling the tools to change the world
by David Brager

Posted: 13:40 June 17, 2008

If you want life to get easier, there's a bunch of tools that make time management effective for judging decisions. Once you learn them, you can make such decisions so fast that such allows your mind to function more like a high-speed computer so that you can instantly see the bugs in life so you can squash them before they harm you.

Handling the tools to change the world

I need you to label your fingers, from left index to right index across the palms with the following values. Lie, Scapegoat, Dishonor, Torture, Steal, Overwork, Adulterate, Kill.

This is a hand tool for instant decision making. Be absolutely honest with your answer and look out to forever. Ask yourself, "To make this next decision, will I or anyone ever have to..." and then test it against the eight tests. If you determine a NO judgment for all eight tests, the decision is two thumbs up, and thus so wise, you never have to remember it.

Fingers are digits, so this is an eight-bit digital computer. Notice that it has a low order four-bit nybble and a high order four-bit nybble. The right hand uses left brain logic. The left hand values demand right brain processing. However, there’s also pairs of logic throughout.

• By never lying, you respect your pathway through history.
• By never scapegoating, you respect the historical pathway of others.

• By never dishonoring, you respect the peace you earn from friends.
• By never torturing, you respect the peace of everyone else.

• By never stealing, you respect the burdens others place upon themselves.
• By never overworking, you respect the burdens you place on others.

• By never adulterating, you respect the rights of making ancestry
• By never killing, you respect those that delivered ancestry.

Consider this hand tool as an interface between two different dimensions. If everyone used these rules, then the body, which is on this planet, will keep things out of the material world that have values which pop into the mind, of which has a swirling array of ideas and possibilities, that would create chaos and kill the system.

Once you start using this tool, it carries over into dreams, so that in the midst of something frightening, you pop into checking the tool. If anything is violated, you'll realize, "I'm in the game!" and this then allows you to step back into the arena, but now with more power, for you can be fearless with this shield. It makes you feel safe. It's brilliant.

I need you to consider that while you have two hands, you actually have four sets of five from two hands. The bundled values of "Lie, Scapegoat, Dishonor, Torture, Steal" can all be ethereal. You can torture with words. You can steal ideas. But also the bundled values of "Torture, Steal, Overwork, Adulterate, Kill" form a set of values that are all material. You can torture with devices. You can steal material. Thus, with this, we find one repeating keystone pattern, which is 42.

Thus, in the analysis of the hand tool, we find ourselves with a pattern of three fingers, two fingers, three fingers. Two of one set, and one of another, or 21.

When you find one set that meets the 21 pattern, but in two different ways within the same set, the grouping, in this case, is then clarified as a complete value set of 42. From here, using the mind’s eye, you then have to judge a common value for one situation where three values or purposes would all exist and all be possible – to determine a point in time or purpose where all three would make sense all happening at the same time.

Einstein was accurate. You witness things based on your position in space-time, so you need a minimum of three sources from which to extrapolate individual points along the time corridor, which become part of a time corridor memory system that allows one to map the logical flow of matter through time into our space. Why is this necessary? Because there’s a second set of values for the Gospels, but using computer logic consistent to the complexities of logic in 2008. The authors of these books learned to see through time, saw a future that was tragic, and sent us the tools to change the course of history immediately.

These four books now become the greatest book of tools to teach everyone on the planet how to do remote viewing, how to do advanced hypnosis, and how to make snap decisions in the now that are so wise, you never have to remember them. If you never need to remember decisions, you never need to worry about repeating history.

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