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Further Secret UN Meetings on UFOs/Extraterrestrial
Life are occuring according to
credible military whistleblower
by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

Finally, Source A avoids giving his own statements of what he has experienced, and/or has been instructed to disclose, and primarily relies on intermediaries to relay information. This adds an unnecessary filter in accurately interpreting his information on substantive issues such as the content of the meetings and those authorizing his disclosures. What emerges is confusion over whether his views are accurately being relayed, and who precisely is authorizing the disclosures. While the Pickerings and Morningstar have gone to a great efforts to faithfully represents Source A's views, there have been a number of times where this has not been satisfactory and corrections have been required. This could easily be avoided by Source A testifying in his own words and having this forwarded in ways that don’t compromise his anonymity.

Overall, while Source is credible as a serving military officer currently assigned as a liaison to the State Department, this does not make his claims reliable. Given the difficulty of verifying Source A’s claims, more emphasis needs to be placed on examining the internal consistency of his views and how they match with ongoing global events that signal the kind of policy shifts that might emerge from coordinated UN discussions on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Consequently, while Source A’s testimony is helpful insofar as it reveals more secret meetings are underway at the UN, the reliability of what he claims to have been discussed at the meetings can be questioned. Source A’s lack of specificity over people who attended and efforts to direct attention away to epiphenomena such as media prejudice suggest he is introducing red herrings in his revelations. I conclude that there likely have been further meetings at the UN discussing UFOs and extraterrestrial life as Source A claims, but the actual topics addressed and list of participants may differ considerably from what Source A has revealed so far.

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UFODigest Newsletter July 12, 2007

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