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Ronald Nussbeck is the author of two books The Deception and Retribution. Out of 10,0000 authors in Publish America stable his books ranked #1 for over four months and are sold in 24 countries worldwide. His books can be found on and hundreds of books stores online, just Google his name. He has researched UFOs for over 10 years and has worked with Ron Montgomery/Stewart a Scientist who developed PPP-Penetrating Photographic Process in developing images of UFOs and aliens. He has had many articles written about his work by Ian Brockwell who published several articles on He has done extensive work in the Scientific community on UFOs. You can email Ronald at

UFO: Planet X Found in 2Mass Survey Image?
by Ronald Nussbeck

Posted: 11:35 June 12, 2009

During a survey of Proxima Centauri by scientist Ron Stewart using an image provided by All Sky Survey 2MASS a project of IPAC/Caltech a space anomaly was found at 71 degrees north and about 4.2 light years from Earth. The Planetary body looks to be metallic with a surface structure not commonly seen on planets in our own solar system, those made from collisions, rather looking more like polished aluminum. The Planetary object has been given the name Planet X. The images below are a step by step process of enlargements using APEP and a description of how the images were obtained using 2MASS.

The Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) project at IPAC/Caltech began in 1997 and was completed in 2001. Two Telescopes one located in the Northern hemisphere at MT. Hopkins Arizona and the other in the Southern hemisphere at Tololo Chile. This was done to ensure coverage of the entire sky in what is the most ambitious project to map the night sky to date. The entire sky was covered using photometric system of three infrared wavebands around 2 micrometres (micrometres is one millionth of a metre) (m): J (1.25 m), H (1.65 m), and Ks (2.17 m). 2MASS uses two highly automated 1.3-m telescopes, each telescope is equipped with a three channel camera consisting of a 256x256 array of HgCdTe detectors capable of observing the sky simultaneously at J and K, (2.17microns)

In the Ancient East a profusion of Astronomical texts exist that speak of a planet from which ancient astronauts come from called Planet X were found over 100 years ago. They spoke of Pluto but scientists did not discover Pluto until 1930 befuddling scientists on how Sumerians could have known 4000 years earlier. The Sumerians described the Annunaki or the Ancient Astronauts as having Adroid Beings helping them. Is the theory of Ancient Astronauts true, this is for you to decide.

All images were extracted from 2MASS image of Proxima Centauri below.

Proxima Centauri is the bright star in the middle of the image below and is approximately 4.2 light years distance from Earth. Located in the Constellation of Centaurus and maybe part of Alpha Centauri. The star is one seventh the size of our Sun and is called a Flare Star because of the random increases in brightness from it's magnetic activity.
Credit Image All Sky Survey 2MASS

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