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Chris Holly spent a great deal of her life building different entrepreneur ventures, however her one true passion has always been writing. Long ago she found it far easier to explain the paranormal by way of a true story told in an interesting form. She lived a life filled with extreme experiences and unique events involving that which we do not understand. She felt it her destiny to tell these true events to the world by way of her short stories. Along with the Endless Journey and The Knight Zone site, Chris is working on a book. "I am doing a collection of short stories about my lifetime of paranormal experiences, which should be complete by the winter of 2009." You can reach her at or visit her website: Chris Holly"s Paranormal World .

Be Careful What You Wish for and Who You Invite Into Your Home in the Dead of Night!
by Chris Holly
(Copyright © 2009 Chris Holly)

Posted: 00:55 June 4, 2009

If you consider the billions of stars that have billions of planets in the vast galaxies of the universe you can sort of figure out there are a few good chances not only that we have visitors from other places but most likely multi kinds of different life species visiting this planet.

In this universe there seems to be a positive and negative to all things. Dark and light, matter and antimatter, good and evil- you get the idea. I am sure this average of things follows along with other beings in this cosmos. I am sure just as on this planet with earthlings that there are good and bad aliens having both good and bad intentions towards others sharing the same universe.

Look at earth and the humans. We cannot get along on our own planet. I am sure for many others who may have evolved to a point of growth where they do not kill each other -our planet is extremely primitive. I am sure there are areas of the universe where solar systems exist that work and live in harmony. I also think there are areas that contain creatures as violent and ruthless as humans. I think we all exist, all are part of the big picture and we humans are simply not smart enough yet to understand it all.

With the warm weather coming in my part of the world I have been hearing whispers of plans of those who are interested in the subject of UFO’s and aliens making plans to gather together and go UFO hunting.

I think that keeping a watchful eye on the sky is a good thing to do. In fact I think if you watch long enough you will without question see something unknown and unexplained.

I also have heard about those who want to alone or in a group try to attract aliens so they can have a visit with them.

This is where I become concerned and this is where I have to drop my two cents down on the idea of calling out to the unknown with open arms.

I have been told about groups planning to meet on beaches, along open fields, in mountain ranges- all with the intention of drawing aliens to them. I have been told of groups planning to use group telepathic methods, all the way to using codes or flashes of light . I understand the over whelming desire to want to know the unknown but I also know that these practices are not safe in fact could be very dangerous.

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