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Is It Worth It Being Religious?
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 15:13 June 5, 2009

I'd don't want to be known as a Christian or any other name of a religious organization. To me it is just another label that a person carries around with them. Plus it sets up a mentality of an "us versus them", we are right you are wrong mindset. We really don't need any more division than what we have already experienced among the worlds people. We need to drop the illusions that are in place. It is as if those in charge want people fighting each other. We need to develop a higher state of consciousness to raise above this, beat our swords into ploughshares and get on with life.

I make mistakes like anyone else. There are times I get angry enough to want to hurt someone. Other times I wonder why things work out the way they do and wonder if it's worth continuing on. This is when I must remember that the Universal Spirit has better things for me than what I have planned for myself as long as I keep my ego out of the way.

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At times I long for a woman as nature intended. But I have been told that if I had sex I would lose my place in Heaven. One person told me if I would have to tell Jesus to leave the room if sex was to happen. He would be in tears as a result. It sounds so childish. Wouldn't Jesus have better things to do?

I don't want to flaunt my spiritual life, I just want to see and hear things more clearly. I don't want to part of one point of view; I want my mind cleared to see things as they really are. I don't want to be just another statistic, I want my life to count and be a positive influence.

I am what I am and it is all what I am. But as long as I improve my conscious contact with the Universal Spirit, it will be worth it.

Ron Murdock

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