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Which Is Closer To The Truth: Conspiracy Theory Or Official Version?
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 23:00 GMT June 30, 2009

What is Truth?

There is always three sides to a story; one persons version, the other persons version then there is the truth. Conspiracy theories do have an amount of paranoia to them along with an element of truth. Whereas the official version is a heavily sanitized version of what really happened and its what the authorities in power would have you believe.

Therefore it could be asked which is closer to the truth; the conspiracy theory or the offical version. Thing is that conspiracy theories seem to be moving from the fringe elements to the mainstream of way thinking in some cases. From what has been the mainstream established viewpoint, how many of us are believing what spin doctors of various types are telling us?

It's too easy to label a conspiracy theorist as some kind of nut case. Yet so many people have stopped trusting government, the military and other authority figures especially in light of Watergate, Iraq War among other misadventures.

A degree of skepticism is essential to discern what the truth is. Not all those in positions of trust or power can be taken at their word. But at the same time one can't dismiss everything a conspiracy theorist has to say. A couple of examples is the Warren Commissions version of the JFK assassination or the Bush's adminstrations quacking on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

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