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Tony R. Elliott has written stories for Fate Magazine for the last 4 years, OP-ED News. He has been a Political Columnist for The Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003. He has also written featured editorials in several Southern Oregon coastal newspapers during the 1990s. You can email Tony at

Dogmatic Fanatics
by Tony Elliott

Posted: 12:55 June 14, 2009

Did Joseph Smith discover plates of gold
Did Joseph Smith discover plates of gold?

To all the dogmatic fanatics who believe people like myself and others are dangerous individuals seeking to end the facade of organized religion's brainwashing hold on the masses for a realization of truth of who we are, where we originated, and our purpose of being. I say you are correct. I take pride in the knowledge of realization of which I have been privy to, during my entire life.

Like me, most individuals who read and write in publications such as UFO Digest are seeking truth by thinking outside the traditional box, which organized religions have kept society locked in for thousands of years.

It is the defense mechanism every religion and cult has built into their doctrine in making any thought disagreeing with their particular dogma and exploring their spiritual existence a sin: thus, condemning those observant of life, to their ideas of Hell in the hereafter.

Read Tony's last article. Universal Deception!

I have studied in detail just about every religion in the world today and without going into detail about any of them, I will say that they sprung from the same ancient root of a central organized religion. This is because followers began to get their own ideas of interpretation of original scriptures and added and deleted some to fit their own ideas of idealism.

The organization of the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is considered by most organized religions, a cult. Joseph Smith the founder of the church supposedly found these scriptures written on gold plates in the American wilderness and under the direction of God, began the religion of Mormon.

The gold plates that Joseph Smith based all his organization on have never been seen by anyone because supposedly, God took them back. As any follower of the Mormon Religion will tell you, when asked their whereabouts. This explanation in itself reeks with suspicion and tells me, that no such gold plates ever existed other than in the mind of Joseph Smith, who desired to gain fame, fortune, and recognition from his elaborate scheme.

The L.D.S. is also an example, of individuals who want to believe what they want to and create their own organized religion, in doing so.

Christianity is atomized into hundreds of differing factions from Catholicism to Messianic Judaism. All claiming to be the true word of God, while in reality preaching the desired doctrines of their originators who choose to interpret scriptures to their own ideals.

This is why, their are so many problems in existence today such as wars, racial hatred, and prejudice of people who are simply different in nature from the mainstream because religions have created separating boundaries among the masses which results in strife.

It should be very disturbing, to anyone who follows a doctrine praising the ultimate destruction of the human species because they are overall, too sinful to continue living as a civilization.

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