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Tony R. Elliott has written stories for Fate Magazine for the last 4 years, OP-ED News. He has been a Political Columnist for The Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003. He has also written featured editorials in several Southern Oregon coastal newspapers during the 1990s. You can email Tony at

Inadvertent Contact
by Tony Elliott

Posted: 10:55 June 3, 2009

We humans are looking at the existence of life beyond our planet from a narrow point of view based on perceptions only from what we know as an Earth civilization. From our small terrarium, here on this planet we assume that any life forms in the cosmos must resemble our own biologically and intelligently with few variations. This perspective is seen in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I.) in which we search for contact by detecting conventional radio waves and unusual sounds coming from a single point in space. This however assumes that any intelligent civilization apart from our own uses the same means of communication as we do and by doing so severely limits us in finding anything at all.

I believe it is impossible for conventional radio waves as those used here on Earth to escape the gravitational forces and circular motion of the solar system itself. They are literally dispersed at its edge making it impossible to communicate beyond that point with anyone.

The only forms of communication we are able to detect would be from deliberate concentrated light or on a mental level through the thought process.

Light used as a contact method would still be a useless tool in reaching civilizations in time for getting a response unless the spectrum is modified to the point that certain properties of its electro magnification radiation could travel in space using the gravitational influence of entire galaxies and specific targeted solar systems to reduce the time of communication to months or weeks rather than by millions of light years.

Communication by electromagnetic radiation spectrum may have already inadvertently occurred between our civilization and others beginning with our atomic bomb tests in the mid 1940's. Before this time, there was little evidence of life other than our own such as UFO sightings or abduction experiences but very shortly after the first detonation of an above ground atomic bomb in the New Mexico desert, we began sighting strange, otherworldly objects in the skies worldwide.

Somebody was privy to the electromagnetic spectrum sent out by these tests whether they were nearby in their vessels or millions of miles away at the time, they detected the energy pulse created by these atomic tests and wasted no time arriving to the planet of its origin.

Mentally any civilization capable of visiting our planet physically is superior to us in every aspect. Such beings would be capable of communicating by thought process alone without any mechanical means. This would also mean they could make mental contact on an individual or mass level at any time with us but since we are inferior to them on an evolutionary scale such a civilization would choose to make them selves known subconsciously to the masses by playing out scenarios such as abductions, OBEs and other experiences perhaps considered supernatural.

The probable truth is that every single human existing on this planet has been contacted on a subconscious level and carries the knowledge of it deep inside their minds to come out in bits and pieces from time to time in the form of dreams, night terrors, or visions without a past.

We are allowed to be aware of them and know more about them as we grow intelligently as a species and can accept their existence.

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