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Searching for the Truth
(Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)
by Dennis G. Balthaser

Time and Perseverance Ends the Interception

That meeting at Denny's lasted 3 hours, talking about the alleged gentleman that had the metal, the Roswell Incident, Area 51 and other UFO related events. He had a New Mexico map and we talked about the crash sites, and he had drawings of UFOs that we discussed. Not knowing who I was dealing with and uncomfortable with the situation I was in, I didn't take any notes during the meeting with these two people. The younger lady with him didn't talk much during the meeting. During our discussions he did mention things that I could verify, but also made statements about the Roswell Incident that I hadn't heard before.

Upon returning to my hotel, I made a cassette recording of everything I could remember from the meeting, and on my drive back to Roswell made notes when I remembered something else. I made several more phone calls to the son upon returning to Roswell, describing my disappointment with the events that had taken place, and each time someone would come on the phone claiming to be representing the United States Air Force, OSI office.

For about 5 days I was paranoid, putting tape on my vehicle hood and fender, (an old police trick), and not knowing what I'd find when returning to my residence each night. I lost weight over the next few weeks and finally contacted Stanton Friedman, since I was now in a situation I had never been in before. Stanton suggested that I go public with the "Interception" for my own protection, which I did by combining my notes into a lecture presentation that I presented at the UFO Museum in October 1997 to a crowd of over 200 people. Stanton was right, and I did feel relieved when I publicly exposed the experience. I had also confided in Don Schmitt, another well-known Roswell researcher, as these were both researchers that I had worked with and respected their experience.

Shortly after I went public, another researcher, Frank Warren, got involved with my attempt to determine who I had been dealing with, and more importantly what their motive was by having me come to Oklahoma and being unable to get the results I was seeking. Frank had been involved with UFO research since the 1970's, and today Frank's research has evolved into one of the most informative website blogs on the Internet, and we have had an outstanding relationship for the past 12 years. I am forever indebted to Frank for the untiring research he has done, particularly his perseverance into "the Interception".

Frank has discovered that I was set up or hoaxed by the "Interception", and that it wasn't the first time this guy claiming to be an OSI agent has scammed someone. Perhaps his motive was the UFO Museum, but as the "Volunteer UFO Investigator" for the Museum, (as determined by the then staff), I was the victim. The woman at the meeting turns out to now be the ex-wife of the alleged agent who met with me, and has admitted to her ex-husband perpetrating such hoaxes on other occasions, to other individuals.

For the past few years when doing the "Interception" lecture or discussing the event, I have contemplated legal action against this individual, since it turned out that he was impersonating Federal agents, and that I was hoaxed by him. It would seem to me that the United States Air Force would be interested in knowing that someone is impersonating their agents, or perhaps the FBI would be interested in putting an end to such an individual's actions.

When it went down in 1997, I really believed that I was on to something, as did other researchers that I confided in pertaining to the Roswell Incident, however I think it's also credible that the truth has come out thanks to our research and teamwork. Admitting that the "Interception" was a hoax is to me an example of how good research can produce positive results and a conclusion to an event or incident.

I've learned a lot about such a situation, in the event an opportunity such as this came up again, and I'm thankful that I have access to other researchers that share my same desire to find the truth. The "Interception" happened just as I described it, and it precipitated an investigation, to which the end result exposed a fraud. I will leave the "Interception" experience posted on my website, (adding this final account to it) and hope that it will serve as an example of good research.

Dennis G. Balthaser


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