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Synopsis: Two Blocks from Slab Town is based on the actual events of Cissy, an eight year old girl, growing up in a Southern, rural town during the 1960?s. Her father was a World War II veteran suffering from a post traumatic stress disorder. Cissy lives two blocks from Slab Town, an area where homes were made out of rough, slabs of wood. These huts provided little protection from its predatory environment, animal as well as human. Cissy's mother was a clairvoyant, while her father was a clairsentient. She was able to survive and protect those around her by unleashing her sixth sense. As Cissy, I was glad to have this experience. I learned that a single flame can cut through the darkness making its own path.

Two Blocks from Slab Town
Father's Intuition (Part One)
by Saturna Brown

Posted: 01:30 June 15, 2009

"It is only rarely that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman."

Alexandre Dumas, fils 1824-1895

Two Blocks from Slab Town

     Father had always been a light sleeper, before he started taking the medicine sent by the Veteran's Administration. He described his condition as 'Cherokee blood running through my veins.'

Father was one-quarter Native American, the descendant of a medicine man. Maybe, that's why Father was so intuitive.

     Due to the medication, Father slept most of the time. Mother could not stand to see him lying in bed all day long. She claimed it was not natural. So, she took a portion of his pills and flushed them down the toilet. Father had to 'stretch-out' the rest of his medicine before the next monthly shipment arrived. The incident turned out to be a 'wake-up' call for Father.

     Now, he was able to spend time reading, doing crossword puzzles and listening to the radio. Unfortunately, taking less medication did not take the edge off his anxiety. On certain days, Father needed to go fishing.

     One day he offered to take Joey and me with him. We went to a fishing area known as 'Two Hole Branch.' This area had white sand dunes and shady oak trees along a portion of the Black River.

     Father used to come here when he was a boy with his family and some neighbors. It was like a pot-luck dinner. People would bring a side dish of whatever they had to offer. Everyone was given an opportunity to fish. The fish was cooked over an open fire and shared with everyone. Father described the experience as his best childhood memory.

     Just as soon as we stepped out of the car, two men drove by in a blue, pick-up truck. I stood staring at them. They smiled and whistled at me. I felt sick to my stomach as a chill spread through my bones.

     Father warned, "Don't look at those men, Cissy!"

     But, it was already too late. I knew they would be back and so did Father. The men would find a place to turn the truck around and come back for me.

     It seemed so surreal. I was only eight years old. A part of me wanted to know 'why' they were interested in a little girl like me. But, I knew the answer. After all, I lived two blocks from Slab Town.

     Sometimes, you just knew things, bad things and you did not talk about them. My motto was, 'leave well enough alone, unless it comes knocking on your door.' Well, evil had arrived.

     Joey was already in the car, when Father said, "Get in, Cissy!"

Coming in three weeks (instead of two), Father's Intuition (Part Two)

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