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The Multi-dimensional Alien
by Linc W. Alexander

Posted: 09:35 June 2, 2009

As a physical species firmly attached to the principles of scientific discovery to give us the ultimate truth, we have unconsciously placed ourselves on a set of railroad tracks from which we cannot deviate. Science, like religion has its strictures; here are the rules for discovery and except for institutions like the American Society for Psychical Research, psychical research done at the University of Virginia, Stanford University and other esoteric organizations that dare to look outside of the rules, mainstream science happily wears its blinkers. UFOs and Aliens aren’t even up for discussion; SETI goes happily on looking for a radio signal to prove the existence of life out in the galaxy. Astronomers and Physicists believe there has to be life “out there” but continue to blithely ignore the overwhelming amount of evidence proving that there are Alien species visiting and interacting with us daily. This myopia is nothing new; we do it in other disciplines as well.

We conduct our daily lives with our surface consciousness living in a material world. Our universe is a physical universe and we give little thought to the idea that there may be other dimensions. Why should we, our universe is quite enough and it contains more than enough wonders to keep us exploring forever. To most of us, there is nothing beyond the touchy feely reality of our familiar world view.

Now we have a problem, Aliens in their UFOs have appeared “out of nowhere” and we’re stuck as to how to explain them. We’re witnessing a technology and behavior that defies what we know of reality, it is all so very strange. Where to start, so we work with the tools we have, we look to science and technology as the means to explain the incredible performance of the UFOs and the power of the Alien. Abductees have revealed the fantastic Alien technology on the inside of the UFO and we see evidence of similar wonders on the outside of the UFO, such as the incredible power of their tractor beams. We understand this and we correctly foresee that we will have equally fantastic technology at some time in the future. We project our thoughts to science fiction because we know these thoughts will be tomorrow’s reality. Technology however, does not explain the full spectrum of Alien power; they do things that when done by humans are labeled as “miracles.” If we want to fully understand how the Aliens do the fantastic, we must look outside of our normal, familiar, every day world; we have to look at the paranormal. We have to look at another dimension, the “out of nowhere” from which the Aliens come.

Many individuals outside of mainstream science have accepted the Alien presence and now seek to understand what they are, how they function and why they are here.

As a student of the esoteric sciences for many years, I have an understanding of some of our psychic capabilities. As I got deeper and deeper into the revelations of the abductees, an epiphany took place one day that immediately explained the magical performance of the UFOs and the “miracle” power of the Aliens.

In seeking a logical explanation of the UFO and Alien, we must first begin with what we see in a typical UFO sighting. The UFO almost always appears right in front of our eyes as if “out of nowhere.” Occasionally it may appear as a smaller object and become larger and more visible as it approaches, but usually, it just pops into sight. It may be stationary or in full flight and if we are lucky, it may hang around long enough for us to see an impossible show. If it’s flying, it may instantly stop, if it’s stationary, it may suddenly take off. It may do an instant ninety degree change of direction, the kind on angle found on a carpenter’s square, not the smooth, curved flight path of an airplane. It becomes immediately recognized as not a naturally occurring sky phenomenon or a flying machine of our making. When its show is over, it vanishes by either flying out of our sight at an incredibly high speed, it instantly winks out or it slowly disappears in front of our eyes like the fade at the end of a movie scene. It returns from whence it came… into nowhere.

The event is so obviously the flight of a controlled vehicle that we quickly come to realize we are looking at a UFO. The term UFO has now come to meaning an Alien space ship complete with Alien occupants. From the perspective of our physical universe there’s a lot wrong with this event. The UFO appeared “out of nowhere;” it performed maneuvers impossible by our technological standards and disappeared back into nowhere. That’s enough for the main body of the scientific community to reject the UFO as a space ship of Alien origin. Alien space ships are not supposed to behave that way, nothing of physical construction containing live beings can behave that way; therefore the entire phenomenon is impossible. Our scientific community also says that we cannot travel interstellar with our current technology; therefore if we can’t go there…the Aliens can’t come here.

UFOs often leave a scene at whatever speed they choose, whether it’s a thousand miles per hour or fifty thousand miles per hour… instantly. This feature of their performance became apparent with some revealing photographs. While photographing a UFO, a few observers had the UFO fly away at some time during the opening of the camera shutter. The photos showed a constant blur of the departing UFO. If it had to accelerate, the blur would have been denser at the beginning of the flight and would have thinned out as the vehicle sped up. A constant blur revealed that the speed was the same throughout the flight, even at the instant of starting.

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