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What Does The Bible Really Say About Psychics And Seers?
by Doc Edwards

Posted: 23:45 June 9, 2009

I am often amazed --- and admittedly somewhat dumbfounded --- when, well-intentioned but obviously misguided, Christians ask whether or not it is spiritually permissible for one to look into the future or to talk to someone who can demonstrate this amazing, ancient spiritual practice. Many ask, Does not the Bible expressly prohibit psychics, seers, and others who claim to see into the future?

This question comes up again and again simply because most Christians (and surprisingly this includes many ministers) only have a cursory, superficial, and religiously biased understanding of the Bible and the depth of spiritual information and instructions that it contains. Like blind men trying to describe an elephant based upon where they happen to be touching the animal at the time, they confuse not only themselves but everyone else with misinformation, often presented as gospel-fact: One, mistaking the animals rear for its front, speaks of the animal's little curly nose, while another at the front describes an animal with a great swinging tail almost as long and thick as its legs, with two big floppy wings on top of its rear quarters. Of course, much like the preachers, they are both right --- that is,… in a way --- they are just seeing things from the wrong end.

If we are seeking our answers strictly from the Bible, then as you will soon come to understand, the Bible not only condones and sanctions the gifts of foreknowledge and foresight, which it calls by its ancient name, prophecy, but actually encourages its use as emphasized by the Apostle Paul when he said," Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy." (1 Cr 14:1). Yet in spite of this overwhelming Biblical evidence, many itinerant preachers and well-meaning, but misinformed, ministers would try and lead you to believe otherwise, perhaps for no other reason than that they, like most Christians today, cannot do what was so commonly done in the Bible by those first Christian Apostles who founded the spiritual practices of this ancient Faith.

There is simply no other way to view it: after they were taught and instructed by Jesus, the Apostles and their followers continued to practice the examples that Jesus set as to what one should and should not do as a practitioner of Christianity; and to the embarrassment of many ministers today, this includes the display and manifestation of miracles, signs, spiritual gifts, and most especially, prophecy, which is nothing less than seeing and predicting future events.

The Apostles and their followers performed miracles and prophesied about the future, not just occasionally --- as sometimes happens today --- but on a daily basis, so as to prove the efficacy and validity of the Christian message, so as to prove the power of God over physical limitation, over time and space.

Knowing this is true, it amazes me how many in modern day Christianity so easily dismiss and excuse away these early, supernatural practices and methods, which was the normal, everyday practice of these earliest followers. The Apostles displayed this incredible, spiritual power through what the New Testament calls, "miracles and wonders and signs." (Acts 2:22) Yet so many today deny the appropriateness of such supernatural demonstrations, if not outright, then subjectively by their very absence in the practices and teachings of the modern church. So, before we explore what the Bible truly says about psychics and seers, it is important that we get an overview of how and why Christianity has come to this dearth of spiritual demonstration.

Why Has Christianity Changed Since The Time Of Jesus?

Christianity, as it is practiced today, has devolved into, what one can only call, a bare skeleton of its former, spiritually-filled self. Today's church is a spiritually thin, bony structure picked clean of the flesh and muscle that once empowered its practitioners with spiritual and supernatural might over human circumstances and problems. Challenged by its continuously declining numbers of parishioners, it has adopted the recruiting policies of modern insurance salesmen, begging and pleading for warm bodies in its pews and signatures of membership on the bottom line of its attendance rolls, rather than matured and reasoned conversions. No longer are miracles necessary to convince one of the absolute validity of its teachings and tenets, rather they have been replaced by the constant harangue of those who would simply ask you, "Have you been saved?" It is as if the answer to this question followed by a quick dunk or sprinkle in the baptistry water is all that is needed to set your heavenly insurance policy into effect. It does not seem to bother them that there is no physical or spiritual precedent for this activity in the New Testament. As a matter of fact, there is not one place or one example in the entire Bible where one is asked this question, either directly or indirectly.

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