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Tony R. Elliott has written stories for Fate Magazine for the last 4 years, OP-ED News. He has been a Political Columnist for The Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003. He has also written featured editorials in several Southern Oregon coastal newspapers during the 1990s. You can email Tony at

Universal Deception
by Tony Elliott

Posted: 12:55 June 10, 2009

Sacrificing 60 Years of Human Experience for Disclosure<

Given the technology and spiritual growth a civilization must have to be able to travel from galaxy to galaxy through different dimensions as those surely do that visit us. It is a viable notion to think time itself is altered during their billion mile journeys. Perhaps they themselves alter it to fit their needs on a given mission.

With this in mind, it is not outrageous to think that the very extraterrestrials who began human civilization and helped build ancient monuments on this planet thousands of years ago are the very same beings visiting us today.

With time manipulation, they would have not aged a single day from the time they were here in our ancient history.

This would also make it possible to abduct individuals for implants, higher knowledge, or a barrage of medical and psychological procedures, which may take several hours aboard their craft but only take a fraction of a second in time here in our dimension: thus leaving the abductees without any physical knowledge that anything happened at all. A physician may be in the middle of open-heart surgery for example, have this type of abduction and not notice anything unusual or be aware that a procedure was conducted on him or her.

Time itself is only relevant in spectrums of light and therefore does not exist in dimensions or parts of the physical universe that are in total darkness.

Visible light travels at a speed of one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second. An individual viewing Earth from a distance of one million light years from us would see the surface as it existed one million years ago.

Also read: Inadvertent Contact.

Every visible star and galaxy we view from our Earth's surface is as it was according to how many light years it is from us. What we see is our own universe is as it was millions of years ago and not as it is now. So exploring the universe with high-powered telescopes really shows us nothing of our current universe but that of ancient reflected light.

It is possible for many Earth like planets to exist that are very close to our own solar system but have moved closer to us at above the speed of light before visible light from them can be seen. Alternatively, the opposite could be true and all galaxies are moving away from each other. This seems to be the general agreement among scientists but at the same time, we exist in a universe we simply cannot see in its present state. Thus we exist in universal deception.

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