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Insights From 3 Psychic Channelers
by Ron Murdock

12:00 July 8, 2007

Insights From 3 Psychic Channelers
Edgar Cayce is considered one of the world's greatest channelers.

Michael Starre is a channeler living in Edmonton, Alberta, who specializes in healings. He started in the mid seventies flamed by a desire to help those in need.

Debra Loucks is a psychic channeler who lives in Columbia Falls, Montana. Due to having her own share of pain. Debra has developed much compassion for those struggling with their own personal issues. Debra's catalyst is a deep desire to help those looking for a better way of life.

Michel Green's desire to be a channeler was fuelled by a passion to be of service to mankind and provides it through intuitive insights by channeling or tarot.

It can be asked if entities or guides look for specific character traits in potential channelers. To quote the Guides of Debra; "Not as such. But rather it is in an individuals soul plan - what you call the contract - before they leave this realm and enter your Earth plane. There are those who have burned themselves out, being a voice in the wilderness, so to speak. So we do work with those who have agreed to walk this path to help them keep their balance and to remind them that it is they who have chosen this path a soul will take, whether it be of this service or not. Each is cherished for its own uniqueness and worth." Thinking there are common threads that run through all channelers, for Debra, it was a driving force to become whole. Wanting more in life, Debra started to ask to see the real thing, not what she percieved as the truth. As a result, her questions started to get some answers.

People react to channeling in a variety of ways. Michael Starre finds the most common emotions are relief and a sense of betterness.

Michel Green has seen most people get an energy high from a channeling experience and has noticed the client seems to get a feeling of compassion and support from the recieved message. Michel adds that many people seem to confuse the channeler with the Guide or Entity but the channeler is only the messenger, the client takes full responsibility to do what they want with the message.

Debra Loucks has found that once in the loving energy of Spirit even the most timid person relaxes and open to the healing that is possible. Debra finds that if a person comes into a circle with anger in their hearts, only to find that it is really hurt, the Guides show the person not only how to release the hurt but how to heal it.

One thing holds true for all involved in this field that being the awe of how Spirit can work when we got our egos out of the way.

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