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Lady Ambrosia:
Secret Past Revealed by Alexandra Holzer

A UFODigest Book Review by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 11:59 July 15, 2007

Alexandra Holzer is the author of Lady Ambrosia which is featured above.
Ambrosia is a pretty and tall young woman with a buttermilk smooth completion and multi-coloured hair who attracts the attention of men wherever she walks. She happens to work in a bookstore and café, which is owned by Ms. Edna.

Lately, Ambrosia believes she has been imagining things such as seeing Mrs. Edna floating above the floor and falling books magically return to their original places. Then she witnesses Ms. Edna struggling with a large book when it suddenly opens and she vanishes literally into the pages of this mysterious tome!

Trying to rescue her employer Ambrosia lunges for the book and desperately attempts to open it. It refuses to obey so she loads the huge book into a cart and pulls it back to her apartment.

A stranger knocks on the door and warns her not to open the book. Not deterred by this harbinger, she refuses to admit defeat and defiantly battles on. As Ambrosia's exhaustion nears the book surrenders its contents by exploding open flinging her across the room crashing her into a closed door. Her mind, still spinning from the impact, becomes alarming aware that she is being sucked into the now open book.

She struggles; looking for anything to grab that will stop the inevitable. Her fingers stretch out but find no purchase. With her fate sealed she is dragged screaming and fighting into its pages.

Ambrosia suddenly lands softly in a field of tall green grass. This place is strangely familiar. She spots a path and follows it toward a very odd old house. As she prepares to knock the door mysteriously opens and she hears what sounds like noises within.

After entering the house, Ambrosia is confronted by Ms. Edna who is very glad to see her. She explains that it was her responsibility to prepare Ambrosia and the house for what is today, her twenty-first birthday!

She discovers that she is the protector of the city Oceania, caught like Earth, in between two warring factions and that she must do anything to prevent their mutual destruction.

The book continues with adventure after adventure, with secrets revealed pertaining to Ambrosia's past. This is a fast paced coming-of-age novel that mixes high adventure, mysticism, altered dimensions, time-travel and religious forces into one highly entertaining story.

Lady Ambrosia is published by Publish America, 96 pages and is the first book written by Alexandra Holzer, who is the daughter of famed writer, Hans Holzer, author of many books dealing with ghosts and hauntings.

To order Lady Ambrosia from click here.

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