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Earth's First Step in Joining the Cosmic Family:
Have Some of the Cosmic Family Join Us

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Posted: 15:00 July 9, 2007

Earth's First Step in Joining the Cosmic Family:<br>Have Some of the Cosmic Family Join Us
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Friends and Star Kids,

Yesterday I sent out to my e-groups members an announcement that there was a group of Star Visitors who wished to find a home among us on Earth because their current world will not be suitable for habitation much longer.

Given the urgency of the matter, I included in that e-mailing a request for a vote on whether the general people (as distinct from Cabal-controlled governments) would welcome such a star group seeking to immigrate here.

The voting group was a representative sample of Humans who met the requisite criteria: a global-based population who are informed about Star Visitor matters, and who are not operating from the abundant disinformation and hostile propaganda so prevalent on the Internet and elsewhere. The representative Human convenience sample selected were the 4314 members of the UFO Facts, Dr. Rich Boylan Reports and StarKids Hangout on-line groups.

While some votes may still trickle in before Thursday is over, the vote outcome is so heavily weighted towards "Yes" that it is beyond statistical probability that the outcome would change.

The vote outcome?

"Yes": 92.2%;
"No": 0.04%;
"Undecided": 7.3%.

Arguably, this is an overwhelming mandate.

Meanwhile, Star Nations has decided that the first step would not be to send an entire race (3-1/2 million persons) to Earth.

Star Nations have determined that the best way for this immigration process to start is to send in a small contingent of Star Visitors.

These would number 12, accompanied by two Zeta as guardian/observers to assure their safety upon arrival, and take back reports to Star Nations on how things are going as these Peri-Barnard Star Visitors are received and settle in on Earth.

These individuals are from a planet orbiting a red dwarf star in the Barnard's Star immediate neighborhood of fellow red dwarf stars.

They are a hybrid species that have lungs and systems that make them able to come to Earth without atmosphere or gravity adaptation - except that our Sun is brighter and they do need protection from that, and will spend most time indoors or being active at night and sleeping during the day.

What little they eat (consume for energy) is plant/vegetable matter that is not treated in any way, (irradiated/genetically modified/chemically treated, and so on). They have initial food and drink they will use meanwhile until it is known what is similar and substitutable that grows here. They need water with mineralization that is not treated in a conventional city water treatment facility, (over-chlorinating & fluoridating the water). Reverse-osmosis purified water would be the last resort to mountain spring water. A cooler climate is preferred, but they can tolerate heat if need be. Garments, if worn at all, are simple, as there is no need to comply with fashion tastes. The star-craft used for travel doubles for a living quarters, and is designed to blend in with the natural surroundings, similar to the adaptation of the creature known as a chameleon. Peer-pressure to do things is redundant to them, since it is more appropriate to turn and leave rather than give in on one's spiritual principles.

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