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Earth's First Step in Joining the Cosmic Family:
Have Some of the Cosmic Family Join Us

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

They can blend in like a chameleon to the point that they almost seem to shape-shift. As for their physiology, they look humanoid, but their inner organs, while adult in function, are the size of a child's. Also, they converse via telepathy preferably, but can converse verbally, too. They are all cordial to people, and they do find humans curiously interesting, too. They are quite individual in personality. They like to do things that are the opposite of what their work involves, so as to obtain refreshment for their mental well-being.

They look somewhat like the Tall Zetas (of which they are a racial variant) but look more like what I (Dr. Boylan) saw in my encounter in New Mexico,

They come to visit Earth briefly already frequently with Star Nations, but it is to clean up after a Star Craft crashes. In their clean-up they contain or neutralize any unnatural energy or radiation left by the crash.

While on Earth, they will help by working with scientists and others we specify who are not operating from egotistical orientation (i.e., no Cabal, etc.); and they will help us with technology to clean up Earth faster than we can do it on our own.

Of the 12 coming, they are "leaders" in their fields - having equivalents of an Earth Ph.D.-level expertise in their specialty area. They have chosen Human names for ease of communication. Two are Technology Specialists. Chris & Oman work with negating the damage of technologies, which are oppressive to the environment and living beings. And they utilize technologies, which do not require equipment. They also work with the electromagnetic field that Gaia/Earth Being has. Three are Botanical Specialists. Fred1 works above water with the green folks in their unique habitats. Alvin & Luke work with the unique green folks beneath the water. One in fresh water environments and the other in salt/saline eco-zones.

One is an Energy Cleanup specialist, a female who uses skills somewhat analogous to Human psychotherapeutics and homeopathic healing. She is Mada, who works with energy systems that have been thrown out of sync. And she goes about using the healing techniques of psychology and homeopathy to negate various energy patterns not conducive to healing.

Four are Environmental Specialists, each with sub-specialties. Fred2 (he also likes the name Fred) works with the environment of Fire in all its forms. Sam works with both fresh and saline water. Alfred specializes in the atmosphere. Tom works with Gaia, Mother Earth Being, and in remediating any disturbances in Earth. These folks actually merge with the element that they are working with to balance the element out molecularly. These Environmental Specialists have a sense of humor, as Humans call it, but take their work very seriously.

One is a Communication Specialist, and will work with translations and language problems such as helping clear up misunderstandings and reporting issues between Human Specialists and Teams and the Star Nations Team. She is Amanda, who works with communication of every sort via by way of telepathy, whether it be with the elementals, with various species, or whatever. The twelfth one is Gene, an overall administrator for the contingent. He is similar to Amanda, but he works mostly with the various parties like a messenger of sorts. And Gene will facilitate communication with Humans as well.

As Earth representative to the governing Council of Star Nations, it is my plan to move ahead promptly with discussing arrangements for an appropriate, safe and hospitable reception for this small Peri-Barnard Star Visitors immigrant group. The appropriate official would seem to be Thomas Kithins, Director of the Department of Interstellar Immigration; and I am in the process of seeking contact and communication with him on this matter.

The Department of Interstellar Immigration was set up under the 1964 Agreement between the Four Big Governments and Star Nations to handle the occasional Star Visitor individual or handful who wished to be accepted on Earth to circulate and experience life here at the sidewalk level. Since Star Nations abrogated the 1964 Agreement in 2005, because of Cabal-controlled governments' continual breaking of the Agreement, no more Star Visitors had been referred to the Department of Interstellar Immigration.

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