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Down the Escalator
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

23:00 July 14, 2007

Down the Escalator
Imagine standing on the second floor of a shopping mall, and then take a step onto an escalator heading down. Look carefully as the moving steps set and collapse and see one foot then the other make contact with the landing. Feel the shudder of the mechanical device as your body automatically adjusts to the movement and your hands reach out and grab the descending handrails.

This escalator is a time machine allowing your mind to travel back to an unexpected yet welcome past.

Your eyes are closed and your body is at rest. You are relaxing in a reclining chair or laying comfortably on your sofa. Calming words are directing your movements as you slip slowly under her control.

The escalator is vibrating, hastening your descent. You are asked to look around and your memory provides glimpses of things remembered, signs, colors, and you feel assured. You have ridden many escalators and this is a familiar experience.

The reassuring first floor is approaching. You hesitate, as always, cautiously but decisively, stepping from a moving platform to a still landing.

There, you've done it. Feet firmly planted on the ground. You look around and see familiar kiosks and storefronts. You are ushered on, instructed to turn right and to follow the hallway leading away. You are told to look for a door and once found to describe its color. The door is green and you open it and enter the space behind it.

You are told that you are in a beautiful meadow that that there is a path leading to a forest and beyond. Following the path, you are reassured by its familiarity and enter the forest. It is reminiscent of forests you're seen. The trees are comforting and you stop at one point to rub your hands over the bark of an exceptionally beautiful tree. A few seconds later you exit the forest and follow the worn path around to the right where you are made aware that soon you will meet someone, someone familiar. And there, coming into view, is a woman with a young child. She is beautiful, tall, and slender with long dark hair. You have never seen her before, but you know her, and you know her name. It is Sarah. And the child, a boy five years old, lifts his head and looks into your eyes and you realize this boy is your son.

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