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The Physics of Extraterrestrial Civilizations: Developing a Typology of Extraterrestrial Activities and Motivations
by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

An extraterrestrial civilization that is at the Type I evolutionary level, would be interested in planetary processes and use these for their own energy needs. They would have less need for agreements with political elites at the national/global levels that have little control over the weather, geo-thermal processes and the oceans abundant hydropower. Such extraterrestrials might be interested in preventing disruptive processes that might threaten the stability of the Earth. They might discourage, for example, the development of destructive energy sources such as thermonuclear weapons. The destructive power of such weaponry could significantly threaten the integrity of the biosphere and thus deny such extraterrestrials an important source of energy. Evidence for such motivations appear in testimonies of whistleblowers concerning the deactivation of nuclear facilities by UFOs/extraterrestrial vehicles ( ).

Nevertheless, political elites may attempt to deny such extraterrestrials access to such planetary energy sources by creating a global shield around the planet. A Space Shuttle mission in 1991 (STS 48) captured live video footage of what appeared to be a UFO being targeted by advanced weapons. This might be evidence of an undeclared national security policy to deny extraterrestrials access to the planet's resources ( ). Type II civilizations work with stellar energies wherein solar flares, the solar wind, stellar fusion processes, etc., are used for energy purposes. Such civilizations would be able to tap into energy sources that are vastly beyond the capabilities our present technologies. Type II extraterrestrials would likely appear to be non-interventionist since they are have little need for energy resources offered by our planet. They would, in any communications or interaction with our planet's political elite or national citizenry, appear to be highly principled. This level of extraterrestrial contact may be evidenced in the testimonies of individuals who have experienced direct physical contact or communications. This level of extraterrestrial civilization would be viewed by those that come into interaction with it as benevolent and non-interventionist. Kaku cites estimates that humanity will take 3200 years to reach Type II status.

Type III civilizations work with energies at a galactic level which would be using the energy of entire solar systems and the galactic core. They might be interested in how an individual planet operates in order to harmonize the energies of a solar system. So disruptive processes that might threaten the stability of a planet and even a solar system might attract the interest of such extraterrestrials. They might discourage, for example, the development of destructive energy sources such as thermonuclear weapons or anti-matter technology. The destructive power of such weaponry might not only threaten the integrity of the biosphere, but could also significantly disrupt the solar system. Kaku cites estimates that humanity will take 5800 years to reach type III status.

Kaku's promotion of a typology for extraterrestrial civilizations based on physics theories is very helpful since it provides a means of understanding the possible ways that humanity would interact with visiting extraterrestrial civilizations. There has been growing evidence that interaction has occurred on the political and individual levels but this information continues to be withheld form the general public. Some governments such as France have recently taken the initiative to disclose evidence of UFOs and the unexplained nature of these ( ). Such government disclosures help confirm the reality of the UFO phenomenon and some of the activities of extraterrestrial visitors. They also help provide raw data for discerning the motivations of extraterrestrial motivations. Kaku's typology gives a way of discerning the motivations of visiting extraterrestrial civilizations from their observable activities. That will be critical as we move closer to official disclosure of advanced extraterrestrial life, where we will need to understand which among the many visiting extraterrestrial civilizations are most beneficial for our evolution as a species and planet.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii

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