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Barbara YoungDr. Barbara Young has lived and studied Christian Mysticism for thirty years. To help achieve her destiny and gift to earth, she experienced external Apparitions of Light Figures since childhood. Her mind-consciousness education began with pre-medicine, branched into psychology, the study of altered states of consciousness, parapsychology, parapsychology and medicine, world religions and the psychology of social change. After achieving her higher degrees, she set about in 1977 on a twenty year walk-a-about to educate the public about its true purpose in life, the evolution of its spiritual nature and its Divination. In her twenty years on the road, she has appeared on many radio and television interviews, a guest speaker at Universities, and general public lectures. Visit Dr. Young's website: or email her at

Biting the Golden Bullet
by Barbara Young

Posted: 21:15 July 18, 2007

After the Vietnam War, while counseling vets with posttraumatic stress, I was introduced to a combat phenomenon, referred to as Biting the Golden Bullet. As a Transpersonal Psychologist, the Human Spirit is one's true state of being that evolves through reincarnation, which is combined with participation in the Divine Life Program. A Program that allows the Human Spirit Access to an Objective Encounter with the Family of God. Most of the Vietnam Vets I had the privilege of healing were advanced Immortals and comfortable with their true state of being and relationship with life and chosen destinies.

Biting the Golden Bullet phenomenon begins the instant a life and death situation occurs. When, suddenly, the soldier finds his conscious reality has dramatically shifted to being aware he is within a Golden Bubble. He is aware everything is in slow motion, but he feels extremely calm and peaceful. And, just as suddenly, the Golden Bubble is gone and the soldier jarred back to his combat surrounding, only to find that most everyone close to him have been killed.

In another example, the soldier describes being suddenly displaced into a beautiful country scene. And just as fast, it is gone, and he finds he is out of harm's way.

In another account: "I was running and I saw the shadow of a mortar shell coming in. I knew I was dead. But, suddenly I was in this Golden Bubble and running in slow motion. When it disappeared I had to have floated over the hole from the blast and I found myself about five feet from the edge of the crater."

Another recalls the following: "Suddenly a Vietcong jumped out of the foliage and fires his machine gun at me. Instantly, everything turned White and then, as suddenly, the Light disappears as I return fire and kill the Vietcong." He further states, "The bullets had to have passed through me that killed my friend just behind me."

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