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The Pantograph Effect
by T Stokes

Posted: 22:45 July 30, 2007

Papers are soon to be released on the findings of Physicist Benson Herbert's exhaustive studies into the paranormal. Under the 40 year rule, virtually forgotten today, because of his open mindedness to study results. Remember most psychic researchers reached the conclusions that their financiers expect.

In 1966 Herbert was top dog, and he moved his laboratory called " The Paralab" to Wiltshire to avoid London's traffic vibration, electrical system and noise pollution.

His delicate instrumentation brought in similar results to those of Nicola Tesla.

The Soviets who during the Cold War greatly feared scientist Peter Wright of "Spycatcher " fame, and have documentation taken from his friend and spy Lord Rothschild, that claims that during radio eavesdropping from Cyprus, the biggest listening post in the world, primitive evidence of E.V.P or Electronic Voice Phenomena, or voices from the dead were obtained accidentally.

Benson Herbert believed that all psychic phenomena and transmission was electrical in origin, and he visited many haunted sites with his equipment. He also claimed to have captured strange, intriguing sounds from the past.

In 1970 Herbert was invited by Soviet scientists, because he was regarded as the top British representative in his field, to the Prague Symposium on Psychotronics. This is the technical term for military use of psychic ability, first pioneered by Churchill in W.W.II, although Herbert is not well known in the Britain of today, his work is much valued and still studied in the Soviet bloc.

R.G. Medhurst of the Society of Psychical Research invited Herbert to a series of séances, to attend these was anathema to orthodoxy at the time, and the fact that he investigated U.F.O sightings and allowed himself to be regressed to previous lives upset many of his colleagues, who felt there should be very clear lines of division between scientist and psychic. In 1972 Herbert while in Leningrad, met Nina Kulagina, the Soviet PK specialist who shocked him by moving a heavy chair to him across the room by pointing her finger at it.

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