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Mass Abduction of Abductee Support Group
by Misty Rhodes

I see a very tall Being approaching from the right, from around behind the ramp. Since I am thinking that I have gone to heaven, I imagine that it is my brother, Roy. Wasn't it nice of Roy to come and greet me? This Roy is really tall and has strange eyes. They are bright blue or green with a slit (Roy had green eyes). He is indifferent. I say, "So this is where we go when we die." I was glad to be with Roy, but what about my sister, Mariah? She would be devastated. I needed to reassure her. Still thinking I was in heaven, I asked, "Can we communicate with people from up here?" He was puzzled at my question but nods, yes. I was glad but then got upset, "Then how come you never tried to contact us?" He is puzzled again but brushes my odd comment aside. He leads me off to a short right.

Walking, I notice that this heaven has a lot of chrome. Our destination is a waiting area and he seats me against the left wall just inside the door. There are other people present and sitting in this room. I think that we are waiting to be processed for entry into heaven. A large Being sits in a chair in the center of the room. Like a guard, he watches over us. Other people are against the wall beside me and across the room. I see a couple ("DT" and wife "LT" from our abductee support group) sitting shoulder to shoulder like lovebirds. There are a lot of things going on outside of this room, which to me seemed long and narrow. (Others reported it as round).

Suddenly, someone rushed into the room thru the door I had entered and squatted behind the guard's chair. This person was scared. (I believe this to be "KW" from the support group). The guard leans around his right shoulder and thinks to chastise him out from behind his chair. But with a certain satisfaction, he senses the young man’s fear and decides to let him stay. Hunger pains cause me to wonder if we would be getting anything to eat. The guard picked up on this and I imagine that I am given "silver-ware" to hold in anticipation of some future meal.

This did not sit right in my mind. You don't sit and hold utensils. So, the "utensils" disappeared (if they really existed).

Through another entry from the far left, a "child" came and got on its knees facing the guard. I imagine that it is playing with something on the floor. On some level, I sensed something was not quite right. This child's presence began disturbing me. Someone is called to retrieve the child and I think it is the parents. From the entry, they called its name, which I could only remember as ending in the "y" sound as in Joey. The child responded and once thru the doorway, the two beings escort it off to the right.

The actual name called, I was to learn only later, was my friend from the HUFON support group - Leslie. She too had sensed she was in heaven so thought the guard was God sitting upon his throne. She was seeing a beautiful man as through a cloud. She got on her knees before him and feeling unworthy said something like, "I'm sorry for every bad thing I have ever done. Please forgive me of all my sins." He responded with, "My child, that is what they teach you but that is not what we want," then added, "Its okay." I will always be with you now."

Again, I think of how my sister must be devastated to lose me. It seems someone left at this point - to go get her? Then I look up and she is sitting across from me. Gosh! We are here together. I hope I wasn't driving and killed us both. I wouldn't want to be responsible for her death. "Was I driving," I asked. She answered, "No, I was driving in a parking lot and hit a pole. It was really weird."

"Did Roy come to greet you, too? Wasn't that nice of him,” I asked. She said, "Well, somebody did but I don't think it was really Roy because he had strange eyes." So I think about that, why would Roy have strange eyes? So I tell her that maybe it was normal that he would have different eyes now that he came here. I would be sure to ask him later. (I don't know if Mariah was really there or I imagined it. One role of the center Being was to cater to our hallucinations in order to keep us pacified).

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