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Three Die Because Of UFOs
by Joseph Capp
The UFO Whistleblower

Posted: 17:29 July 17, 2007

June Crain
The Sorrow

You will not see a skeptical smirk here, even though this UFO/Craft/ET case is strange and illogical, because it really happened. You will not find a debunker screaming, “fake”, nor will you read an exposé in the skeptical Inquirer. Because it is true. One man’s strange impossible tale turned out to be the truth. He lived with a secret for a long time and, from his history, was very tormented by it. In a way he gave his life in the pursuit of truth.

Simply put: frightened citizens were attacked by beams of light- shot out of UFOs. These beams left marks strange burns, wounds that were “…blackened and seemed ten days old even though they were 10 minutes old”. People ran to their doctors to report this and groups reported watching people on public streets being hit and felled by the beams from these “lights and craft”. These were, of course, ignored by the powers that be as long as possible because they were considered just silly superstitious locals. A local doctor who treated many people was forced to rethink her position (she was a skeptic) after witnessing a UFO herself, up close, right during an attack on a person.

She started to go public. It started to get into the papers.

The victims were hurt and frightened and some even died from complications directly related to these UFO “attacks”. One town actually built, and manned, bonfires near the water where many of these attacks had originated.

We are not talking a few people here, we are talking many, many people in this region. After the two citizens died from UFO related inquires, the doctor had had enough. The Mayors of the region were starting to get nervous and they partitioned the Army to investigate (there were rebels in the area). It was a well equipped Army – equipped oddly, with cameras, theodolite and radar. What they experienced, to their astonishment, was what a only a handful of people in the world have experienced: continuing direct interactions with ETs craft.

This Brazilian Army investigations unit was tagged “ Operations Saucer”. The military’s intrusion into the unknown began during massive sightings that occurred during October, November and December 1977 and into the first half of 1978. The Brazilian region where this happen is called Para and included the cities of Colares, Santo Antonio de Tauca, Mosqueiro and Baia do Sul.

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