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Considering the Necessity of American Black Budget Projects
by Steve Bass  

Posted: 10:00 July 29, 2008

Multiple UFOs were photographed over Hoogkerk, Netherlands 08-26-07
Multiple UFOs were photographed over Hoogkerk, Netherlands 08-26-07 Source:

Quite a bit about the UFO and abduction phenomena puzzle me. For me, sometimes writing can bring out possibilities that otherwise stay hidden in the deepest part of the subconscious. It helps me think in a straight line, instead of jumping around from thought to thought and not building a complete picture.

Several notable but circumstantial facts stand out about the UFO and abduction phenomena. It is a fact that astronomers are finding every day that the universe is bigger than previously thought. In a universe as incredibly huge as ours, it is pretty much a given that there is other life, and other intelligent life (I say other because I trust it is not the height of arrogance to refer to ourselves as intelligent).

We have adequate circumstantial evidence that the US government recovered an alien space craft in Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947. With this recovery was the detaining of at least one living, breathing extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE). God knows what its race is called, we´ll call it EBE. Of course, the first order of business is to work at establishing communication with the EBE(s). It would stand to reason the EBE should be familiar with our language when you consider the amount of time they have been observing the inhabitants of our planet, and the reputed level of our visitors´ intelligence.

A quick word on the subject of the level of intelligence possessed by EBE´s. Yes, it is readily apparent that there are some things they are far advanced on, propulsion technology, radiation shielding, etc.; how else would they have been able to travel vast distances to reach this planet? All of us should understand, though, that some higher levels of intelligence do not mean complete dominance of intelligence. A psychologist is a very intelligent, educated individual, but I wouldn´t necessarily take my car or even my cat to him for mending. By the way, I don´t think ANYONE could fix my stubborn, obstinate, constantly disobedient cat! I am not, at this time, ready to ascribe complete dominance of intelligence to these visitors.

The motivation behind establishing communication with the EBE is naturally to determine the reasons behind their apparent reconnoitering of our planet, their contacts with those that might have been subjected to the horrors of abduction (the loss of freedom, loss of control, the intimate violations reported, the medical experiments), and what level of danger they present, as a whole.

It has been suitably established that the government has been reticent in regards to disclosure on its accumulated knowledge of the UFO phenomena. It has been posited that the reason is to gain and protect the upper hand in military technology, thereby keeping Americans safe from their earthly foes´ evil desires. This could very well be the case, partly.

Another reason for no disclosure could be that the American government does not want its citizens to be aware of the threat posed by EBE´s. When we look closely at the whole abduction scenario, it is obvious that EBE´s treat those they abduct like animals, and not even in the manner of favored pets. EBE´s do not accept the right of all Americans to live as free men and women. They do not respect our personal rights to safety and wellbeing. They do not value the God-given human birthright to freedom when they kidnap their intended targets. They do not seek permission before they conduct painful procedures.

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