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Jannice Fadely Jannice Fadely was born and raised on a ranch in Holland, Oregon. She prefers to live in the country even though right now lives in town due to ongoing medical issues. Having been always curious about everything she has spent her life studying everything from the Qabalah to quantum physics. She has an AA in accounting, two years of electronic technology, Emergency Medical Technician intermediate, hospice, mountaineering and self taught in sciences as well as investigative methodology for the paranormal. She remembers seeing and hearing things that no one else saw or heard and instead of being afraid she always asked why. You can email Jannice at

New Crisis Coming Up On Cue
by Jannice Fadely
(Copyright 2008, Jannice Fadely - All Rights Reserved)

11:30 July 7, 2008

Gas Rationing in the 1970s!
I am waiting for the next memetic engineered crisis to happen. It seems as if we have several to deal with already while they create another catastrophic memetic engineered crisis.

The high gas prices are making it impossible for ordinary people to be able to drive. If you want to limit peoples ability to travel you can do two things. Make it illegal to travel or make the price of gas so high no one can afford to travel.

There seems to be anecdotal evidence that alternate energy systems are available, but like one person I knew warmed me if you know anything they (government, extraterresrrials?) will kill you. A friend of his allegedly had designed a perfect energy system that would have replaced oil. Unfortunately his father was in the oil industry and had his own son murdered and the device disappeared.

The only way alternate energy systems will ever become available is for all of the hidden systems be made public at the same time. It would be too much information for them to quietly eliminate.

They want people in nice containable areas where it will be easy to manage them. They would be handling humans just like a herd of animals. Stock yards for humans!

In California there is a rumor that a tribe of Native Americans were arrested and held in a stock yard. There, the men, women and children were apparently shot and killed. It allegedly happened in Northern California and I cannot remember of the name of the tribe. It was a tribal member who told me about the incident.


The high gas prices are raising the cost of foods to almost a luxury item. Higher food costs lower the amount of food a person can buy. High food costs reduce the good nutrition people need. Bad nutrition weakens a person physically and mentally. The food is not only lacking in nutritional value it most likely not even fresh and genetically engineered.

It is almost as if they are trying to provoke a rebellion so they can claim martial law to bring order back to the land. Once martial law is established they can finish taking away every right a human has on every level of existence.

They can then easily eliminate all people who will not follow like sheep where ever they are told. The rounding up of people who do not behave like sheep would be managed as the elimination of people who are a threat to their society. Everyone is a terrorist these days.

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