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The Crying Hills
by Robert Fagan 
aka Jowjo Blue Eye

Posted: 11:00 July 9, 2008

Painting depicting the Early Mississippian culture at Macon
Painting depicting the Early Mississippian culture at Macon. Source:

There is a land in southeastern Ohio known as the Hocking Hills. It seems to have a resonance, a sound of the land itself crying out.

The hills, now known as The Hocking Hills were a home to the ancient Adena/Hopewell people of the Mississippian culture. Their descendants, the Shawnee people were the last know native people to have lived among these hills. Some of them still reside in Ohio today.

As a child visiting the area with my mother, I felt drawn to the region. I felt that this was the place that I was meant to be. I did not understand my fascination. In 1989 I had moved to the area and quickly realized that I had done the right thing. My "awareness" of the resonance that rings out from the hills had become more acute.

And it was then that I realized that the resonance was actually a "crying out", that these hills were calling me home.

The Hocking Hills are well known in local circles to be an area of UFO activity. The UFOs seen in the hills seem to be searching out something. I believe that they are looking for the people who were the last inhabitants of the area, the Shawnee people.

Nearly every person living in these hills will tell you that there is no finer place to call home. Quiet and serene, the hills are divided by narrow valleys with sandstone cliffs over which waterfalls cascade. Caves and wildlife add to the ambience. But not all of the folks I've spoken to hear the crying of the hills. In fact only a few actually say they hear it or feel it. And when I ask them if they are of native heritage, every one of them says yes, indicating that they are of Shawnee or Cherokee descent. This is when it all dawned on me that the hills were crying out to the people. These mystic and ancient hills are calling the people to come home. Can you hear it?

Jowjo Blue Eye

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