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Jannice Fadely Jannice Fadely was born and raised on a ranch in Holland, Oregon. She prefers to live in the country even though right now lives in town due to ongoing medical issues. Having been always curious about everything she has spent her life studying everything from the Qabalah to quantum physics. She has an AA in accounting, two years of electronic technology, Emergency Medical Technician intermediate, hospice, mountaineering and self taught in sciences as well as investigative methodology for the paranormal. She remembers seeing and hearing things that no one else saw or heard and instead of being afraid she always asked why. You can email Jannice at

The Human Dilemma
by Jannice Fadely
(Copyright 2008, Jannice Fadely - All Rights Reserved)

00:30 July 22, 2008

Humans are inherently good inside. The problem is the social conditioning for centuries by the upper echelon, religions, governments, the Chits and their underlings.

When I was in college one of the courses required watching a set of videotapes on advertising techniques. I was stunned at what advertisers do to ensure consumers buy their products. It is classic memetic engineering. Politicians do the same thing. They study the psychological profiles and every bit of personal information they can accumulate. They even have people go to the courthouse to go through the properties to see what types of communities are where. The hospital sends home a pack of manufacturer's freebies and coupons along with the baby. The plastic cards that supermarkets use to give sale prices to people also monitor everything that is purchased.

Everyone needs to take a course in advertising just so they know what is happening and how it is being accomplished. It would also ruin the advertising industry. People are not to know they are being manipulated to buy products.

Politicians are marketed just like the produce people buy in the stores. They say what people want to hear to be elected. Truth is not a consideration. It is all about being in power. Humans have been treated like property for centuries by the upper echelon. Religions and governments treat humans like animals that can be trained to do tricks. The Chits treat humans like food.

Humans respond to manipulation faster and better than a dog can be trained. Humans do not use their minds. They are so well conditioned to only do as they are told a lot of them cannot reason out simple functions.

A lot of people that I have met cannot even reason out how to do something very simple. I knew a woman in her forties who had no idea how to cut up a chicken. I have watched her hack a chicken to pieces because she had no idea how to cut it up any other way. She had been doing the same thing for years and had never learned how to do it in a better way. It never occurred to her to even think of how a chicken should be cut up. She had never thought to look at chickens in stores to see how they were cut up.

In the steam-operated power plant where I worked as an operator we had one foreman that did not have a clue how to operate any of the equipment. He was a friend of the plant supervisor so he was given the job of foreman.

The boilers are four stories tall. Every weekend half of them are shut down since there is not that much call for electricity. Number seven was never shut down except for repairs. Number seven had been shut down for repairs and it was time to start it back up. The first thing that had to be done was fill it with water. There are very strict rules about filling the boiler to the middle of the water gauge on the top floor of the boiler. If the water gets any higher it can go into the super heaters and then the secondary heaters all the way to the turbines.

The foreman decided he wanted to fill the boiler perfectly. He told the operators that he wanted water to come out the vent on the roof about thirty feet above the boiler. We looked at each other. He was serious. We had to obey since he was the foreman. We filled it up past the top of the water gauge, through the super heaters and the secondary super heaters. If the plant supervisor had not come in and asked about the boiler he would have flooded the turbine with water instead of steam. He was very pleased with himself when he told the plant supervisor he was filling the boiler all the way to the vent on the roof.

If he had managed to fill the boiler to the vent on the roof he would have had to flood the entire steam system with water.

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