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“L’Affaire Drone”
***Exploring “The Drone Hoax”***
A CGI False Flag

by Vince White

(Copyright 2008, Vince White-All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 00:10 July 30,2008


The CGI wizards, the loud proud mavens of manipulation, have a dilemma on their hands.

They have in most forums and blog bragging venues, leaped enthusiastically to brag about their power to create pseudo reality. They have labeled those who think the drone saga is more than the mere result of highly skilled creative artistry as gullible fools. These “bit map magicians” are claiming “l’affaire drone” is a conspiracy that would make the X-Files jealous.

Many in this skilled and talented community have trumpeted that they knew almost instantly from the first "drone" images that all were fake. That many "forensic" clues and artifacts of artificial images were obvious.  

Many CGI skilled proclaimed that they could see the "false face" of fakery, as clear as if the  drone images came with a big grin, and adding a statement saying "fooled you!".   

Further, as more images emerged, they claimed  the evidence of fakery escalated and became overwhelming. This easy acceptance of CGI as the origin and cause of the drones comes at a great cost however.   

If the drones are a huge CGI creation (which I do not accept), it reflects the moral vacuum of some who create reality, or what appears to be reality.

At minimum, it should, in a few who in casual blithe indifference to consequences, provoke a self-examination, soul searching, perhaps even leading to ethical codes, a sworn collective agreement, to uphold certain standards of CGI  behavior, with an oath to a less cavalier and casual release of products of potent software tools.

Especially, to exhibit less tendency to duplicate in critical cases, without public record and documentation of what was done and why.  If a highly disputed public image is currently the subject of great debate, an ethical frame work would be attached to any highly congruent images.     

The CGI community cannot have it both ways. They cannot claim credit, and deny credit simultaneously, without looking intently at the climate that they are so proud of “creating.”  

What hath the digital divinity-like powers of CGI wrought?    

Why the rush to “circular file” the entire drone saga?

Is the CGI tail wagging the big dog of reality?

Or is a hoax of a hoax being foisted?     

Is there a core of exotic intrusion, exploited by a ready team of willing agents adding CGI noise to realities signal?  

New surprises refute and rebuke narrow assumptive limits of what the universe may or may not send our way. Some exclaim the drones are not aerodynamic.

What are we to make of this well witnessed and loud commotion as a “ spiky spider UFO” from Brazil flew overhead?

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