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Gary McKinnon: Hacking Away At Truth and the Failings of the Disclosure Community?
by David Griffin – Exopolitics UK 

Posted: 23:55 July 31, 2008

It was with a dose of dark irony that some of us watched the British news headlines on the 30th July, the same morning as London based Gary McKinnon had his Law Lords appeal rejected with regard his extradition to the USA. The ironic twist came from the fact that the primary headline besides Gary’s plight was the fact that many energy companies were expected to raise UK fuel bills by an astonishing 70% - this despite the likes of BP forecasting their highest ever quarterly profit up 56% to £4.3bn [$8.6bn].

Anyone who has followed the case of Gary since his arrest by the Hi Tech Crimes Unit in March 2002 may be aware that one of the main factors which catalysed his actions was the fact that:

In Britain the elderly are dying each Winter as they are being made to choose between heating and eating.

McKinnon sincerely believed that if new energy systems that could help change this situation were being closeted by the military industrial complex, we had a right to know. Having had a long-term interest in the UFO issue since childhood as well as having seen the 2001 Disclosure Project in action – Gary knew the inextricable link between the numerous types of over-unity, anti-gravity or quantum flux and the advanced vehicles operated by visiting intelligences and probably terrestrial above-government factions. Thus began a novel search for real information.

Gary laughs at the idea he is an efficient hacker. Using basic, self-taught PC and network skills he proceeded to access several of the main military networks, including NASA, and took a look around. He admits he should face a court for his exploits and this was meant to be a short jail term or community order to be done in the UK – however, for various reasons his “crime” has been hijacked by US authorities and he faces a long, harsh jail term on US soil. Some officials have claimed they want to “see him fry” when he gets extradited. Given McKinnon can be viewed as a truth seeking activist on UFO and exopolitical issues, could the wider community have done more to highlight his cause and even prevent the amplified term he is now facing?

McKinnon not only found the odd gem of significant exopolitical data, he also found that the US’s military and intelligence electronic networks were, to understate it, vastly insecure. Using a bought piece of software [which eventually helped him to be traced and caught] called Remotely Anywhere, McKinnon was able to browse servers and individual networked PCs as if the main administrator. Passwords on the various networks were often left blank or to default and even caught in the act a couple of times the intruder managed to blag his way out of trouble as a ‘sys admin doing security checks’. Many people believe that the over-zealous targeting of Gary by the US authorities is down to the humiliation those in charge of network security and their superiors must have felt. In fact Gary has been pursued when he claimed that numerous foreign IP addresses were regularly doing the same as he – a significant amount from China. So it’s likely the Pentagon saw that some early retirements were taken and personnel moved round to pretend that this was a momentary flaw but the reality is that for years prior to McKinnon - there had been a hacker free-for-all on transnational military/intel networks. It’s unfortunate that a UK citizen with [whatever your moral views on his activities] humanitarian intent should now be facing a 60 year jail term when possibly more threatening actors are still free behind their respective computer screens.

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