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Gary McKinnon: Hacking Away At Truth and the Failings of the Disclosure Community?
by David Griffin – Exopolitics UK 

Gary had seen the testimony of former NASA employee Donna Hare as part of the Disclosure Project whistleblowers. She had mentioned a specific building where air-brushing of satellite images took place before their release to the wider public. After much searching – McKinnon claims to have found examples of this practice – including folders marked ‘touched’ and ‘untouched’. One image especially showed a huge, vivid object over the earth prior to photoshop cleansing but he claims the filesize prevented him downloading this to his home PC in London as this was still the era of 56K dial-up connections. Even more interesting although equally unprovable are a couple of other items he located. It’s worth remembering that McKinnon spent numerous hours online trawling these networks and finding mostly regular material – it was his obsessive nature on the embargoed UFO issue that pushed him onwards. By the time of his arrest, Gary had found two items that have been endlessly debated in the field ever since. First was a list of ‘non-terrestrial officers’ and second was a spreadsheet detailing ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’.

Given that some researchers claim a separate, black-project secret space program exists with much of the usual NASA actions being more of a public front, it seems very possible to me that a covert space program, perhaps with historical and current support from ET groups, is operating and of course requires a crew. Maybe instead ‘non terrestrial officers’ means a group not from this planet but operating from here? The reality could of course be more basic – someone suggested this means ‘satellite repair staff’?! Just as interesting is the spreadsheet on fleet-to-fleet transfers. When we think of fleets we usually think “ships” yet Gary claims to have checked the names he saw of the vessels against records of all sea-going [ie: naval] ships and found not one match. It’s likely that a fleet could then refer once more to a non-disclosed NASA/Pentagon fleet as part of the previously mention covert space program.

Again the debate has on occasion tended to play down what the findings could mean but I would view the possibilities within an open framework where considerations are made for the fact that firstly we know black projects are decades ahead of what’s publicly known and seen and secondly we have evidence of ET visitation and human/ET liaison. Thus we need to employ a wider, parallel approach to research than previously. UFOlogical or exopolitical elements are best viewed as a mosaic instead of the usual, linear conceptual format. Given this and adding the peripheral data about secret space programs and ET liaisons and agreements it becomes equally possible that these two findings of McKinnon are what we’ve suggested, just as much as they may have more down to earth explanations.

More recently, Gary’s findings I believe have been backed up by UK based astro-video expert John Lenard Walson. On the Exopolitics UK site I commented on the point that if half of what JLW has located in high earth orbit is real hardware, then we could well have lists of active space officers and transport records of off-planet craft.

So with this week’s ruling, Gary is a step closer to being dispatched abroad to face what has been suggested as a Guantanamo style closed military tribunal which could result in up to 60 years in jail: yes it’s that big. Given McKinnon refutes the charge about causing thousands of dollars worth of network ‘damage’ and he was following what he saw as a just course of action [with maybe a little harmless mischief thrown in] – can this be justified? It seems some behind-the-scenes discussion led to the closing ranks of the Law Lords considering the appeal which isn't surprising given current UK-USA relations over the amplified 'terror' status. It's still a sad indictment on the UK however - we have been previously known for our liberal support of what some consider modern human rights. The published outcome was less of a shock though when we learn that the leading author was Intelligence Services Commissioner - not a role that has a 'retirement' period perhaps?

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