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Official UFO Disclosure and
Darwinian Evolution

by Joan d'Arc

Posted: 14:30 July 24, 2008 - UPDATED: July 29, 2008

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut of the Apollo 14

July 23, 2008 was an historic day! I awoke to hear on the Internet an astounding interview on Kerrang Radio (UK) with Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who announced matter of factly, "yes, we have been visited." Did this sudden announcement signal the beginning of Official UFO Disclosure? I transcribed much of the conversation wherein Edgar Mitchell finally briefed us all.

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The radio announcer asked Dr. Mitchell, "Are we alone in the Universe?" to which he responded, "Oh, I know for sure we're not alone in the Universe." The radio announcer expressed his shock at this disclosure and wondered if Mitchell was "pulling his leg" with "astronaut humor." Mitchell assured him the Roswell crash was real, and a number of contacts are real and ongoing. "Why is it being covered up?" he asked. The U.S. chose to do this after World War II, explained Mitchell, but it's starting to open up now in the international press. Mitchell also discussed the Catholic Church's recent press releases that we are not alone in the Universe. He explained that the amount of covert attempts to cover-up and the amount of disinformation is decreasing. Mitchell stated, "there's more nonsense out there about this than is real, but it IS a real phenomenon. … Some of us are privileged enough to have been briefed on some of it." He stated, "We're not alone in the Universe. We have been visited."

Dr. Mitchell went on to briefly discuss Roswell in 1947, saying he grew up in Roswell and it was a real extraterrestrial crash there. He admitted involvement in intelligence and military circles, and UFO committees and groups, and admitted it has been "well covered up in the past sixty years." He claimed there has been "quite a bit of contact" and that "contact is real and ongoing," but that he does not know where the visitors are from. He admitted to "back-engineering" of spacecraft, but claimed the "homegrown" vehicles "are not as sophisticated as what the visitors have." When asked if there will be an actual disclosure this year, Mitchell said there are serious organizations moving toward disclosure, and that it has already begun, since the Belgian, French, Brazilian and Mexican governments have opened their files and some British files were recently released. He indicated, "I think we're heading toward serious disclosure, but I can't say how fast." He said "public acceptance is increasing and disinformation seems to be decreasing." When asked "what will the reaction be?" he said it's "ho-hum so what's new?" and that "well over 70% of people accept it as fact."

"Do others involved in the moon landings know about this?" Mitchell responded, "Some of them do." When asked if the visitor's intent is hostile or peaceful, Mitchell stated, "It's pretty obvious that if it were hostile we'd have been gone by now. Or could have been. We had no defense if that's what their real intent was." When asked what they look like, he claimed there to be many groups, but described only one of them, "You've seen some of the pictures … little people that look strange to us. … pretty accurate." Finally, when asked if he was worried for his own safety, Mitchell replied, "Oh no. They're not knocking anybody off for that anymore."

Good News For Modern Man?

Mitchell indicated that over 70 percent of people accept extraterrestrial visitation as fact. I find that number to be unbelievably large. He perhaps is referring to globally, not in the U.S. If true, I believe Mitchell underplays the reaction of the remaining 30 percent, who are in profound denial in an isolated, outback cosmos—namely the scientific "Darwinists." He underplays the effect on science—a "naturalist" paradigm unbelievably rigid in its fundamentalist and insular premise that "intelligent" life is Earth-based only.

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