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A walk on the wild side:
Sixto Paz Wells - UFO Contactee

by Joanne Summerscales 

Posted: 00:10 July 15, 2008

Sixto Paz Wells
As per instructions received by Sixto Paz Wells, through automatic writing, he and a group of friends travel out to an isolated area of the Chilca desert, south of Lima, in Peru, to keep an appointment of a very different kind. It is 9 pm on a February night, 1974. Suddenly, emerging from behind the dark hills, an object full of lights moves slowly toward the now panic-stricken group, descending to several metres above them. The friends, aged between 16 and 18, now terrified, experienced simultaneous communication, as if spoken directly into their ears, saying they don't know how to control their emotions, and needed to prepare for the next contact. Eight months later, they try again. This time, the Manta Ray like craft, lands, and from the interior, a being descends, some 2.5 metres in height, of Scandinavian appearance, with blue eyes, which communicated with them on a mental level. This initial experience was to set the tone of Sixto's life for years to come.

His background may have prepared him a little. His father is the founder of the 'Peruvian Institute for Interplanetary Relations', so Sixto grew up in an atmosphere where talk of UFOs and meetings with contactees was something of a norm. However, he had no idea that in time, he too would become as passionately involved in things extraterrestrial, and got on with life, getting married, working for a local bank, and raising a family.

Sixto's main contact was Oxalc, who came from Ganymede, one of moons of Jupiter. Sixto was subsequently to visit Ganymede, which he considered one of the pinnacle events of his life, a journey, in the physical ship, with Oxalc. Sixto maintains that his experience is not unique, but he chooses to be an ambassador, and share his experiences. His wife and family likewise have had their fair share of connections with beings from other worlds.

The object of the contact, as Sixto explains is to create a bridge: to engender awareness and understanding, in an effort to bring peace and harmony to our planet. It seems these beings have, for want of a better term, a karmic link with humanity, and are here to help, to share, as much as is possible, at the current level of human evolution, information for our progression, on all levels.

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